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    Quote Originally Posted by sierra_the_novelist View Post
    Seraphina Mae!
    It seems perfect with your other kids' relatively popular names

    Seraphina Mae is PERFECT! I love it!

    (That list of vetoes was unbelievably long!!!)
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    Congratulations on your little one! It is hard to agree, especially if you and your partner like different styles of names. Here a few suggestions (I apologise for any repeats).
    Piper Mae
    Laiken Mae
    Briannon Mae
    Lacey Mae
    Scarlett Mae
    Amara Mae
    Cassidy Mae
    Everly Mae
    Brielle Mae
    Teagan Mae
    Dahlia Mae
    Delaney Mae
    Ashla Mae
    Paige Mae
    Lilia Mae
    Zanna Mae
    Xanthe Mae
    Remy Mae
    Amity Mae
    Amarantha Mae
    Lainey Mae
    Another suggestion is Amaya - can be pronounced A-my-a or A-may-a - Mae could be a possible nn.
    All the best in your naming journey.

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    Ivy Mae
    Ina Mae
    Samantha Mae

    I had another good one but I just forgot it!!

    Good luck!

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    Whewf! All done!

    These are my favorites. I have starred the best ones...

    Ramona Mae*
    Lola Mae *
    Acacia Mae *
    Cilicia Mae
    Ciela Mae
    Lilah Mae*
    Talia Mae
    Penelope Mae*
    Alicia Mae
    Dorothy Mae *
    Cynthia Mae
    Cecily Mae
    Vera Mae
    Tamsyn Mae
    One of my favorites! I prefer the phonetic spellin Tamsin
    Matilda Mae *
    Winona Mae
    Linora Mae
    Ivy Mae*
    Fionah Mae -prefer fiona spelling *
    XOXO Whillemina
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