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    Need help with name for dd#2

    Hi all,
    I am having SUCH a hard time settling on a name for our second baby girl. She's due in 2 months. Her older sister's name is Claire Elise. My husband and I have considered the following names:

    Charlotte (I love but my husband does not. Also, I now think it's getting too popular anyways.)

    Abigail/nn Abby (too popular again and we kind of fell out of love with)

    Allison/nn Ally (like Ally, but not so sure about Allison)

    Kara (we both love, but sounds too much like Claire)

    Jane Olivia (really like Jane, but recently befriended a couple with a baby named Jane. For some reason, I always think of the other couples' Jane now, and it's not as special to me. Maybe this would go away after birth?)

    Annie Rose OR Annabel/nn Annie Kate (We both LOVE the name Annie. Originally, we dismissed it, as I have a cousin named Annie ((I never see her)). Now it's back on the table. I feel like it needs a formal version, and
    Annabel would give her the option of going by Anna if she wants when older. I like Annalise too, but fear it's too close to big sister's middle name) I meant Rose or Kate as middle names for Annie by the way. I would call her just Annie!

    I'm open to suggestions! We may have to take a couple names to the hospital, but that makes me nervous! Thanks for any advice!
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