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    Need help with name for dd#2

    Hi all,
    I am having SUCH a hard time settling on a name for our second baby girl. She's due in 2 months. Her older sister's name is Claire Elise. My husband and I have considered the following names:

    Charlotte (I love but my husband does not. Also, I now think it's getting too popular anyways.)

    Abigail/nn Abby (too popular again and we kind of fell out of love with)

    Allison/nn Ally (like Ally, but not so sure about Allison)

    Kara (we both love, but sounds too much like Claire)

    Jane Olivia (really like Jane, but recently befriended a couple with a baby named Jane. For some reason, I always think of the other couples' Jane now, and it's not as special to me. Maybe this would go away after birth?)

    Annie Rose OR Annabel/nn Annie Kate (We both LOVE the name Annie. Originally, we dismissed it, as I have a cousin named Annie ((I never see her)). Now it's back on the table. I feel like it needs a formal version, and
    Annabel would give her the option of going by Anna if she wants when older. I like Annalise too, but fear it's too close to big sister's middle name) I meant Rose or Kate as middle names for Annie by the way. I would call her just Annie!

    I'm open to suggestions! We may have to take a couple names to the hospital, but that makes me nervous! Thanks for any advice!
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    fiammetta Guest
    My favourites from you list are Claire and Abigail and Claire and Annabel.

    Some other suggestions:
    Claire and Ava
    Claire and Liana
    Claire and Suzanne/Susannah
    Claire and Ella
    Claire and Olivia
    Claire and Lucy
    Claire and Daniella
    Claire and Emma
    Claire and Grace
    Claire and Elizabeth
    Claire and Amelia
    Claire and Lisette
    Claire and Penny (Penelope)
    Claire and Sophia
    Claire and Ruthie (Ruth)
    Claire and Lena

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    Thank you! @fiametta- I love Lucy and Grace, but my husband has vetoed them. Beautiful names on your list!
    @judyariel-Thanks! Anna Rose is gorgeous! Is Anna getting really popular? Do you think Annie is an appropriate nn for Anna sometimes. And I love the middle name Rose, but my last name starts with an M. It would spell ARM. Is that a dealbreaker? Also, Alice is another great one from your list. Love Lillian too, but it's already taken in the family. Thanks for your help!
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    I really like Claire Elise & Annabelle Rose together. ARM isn't a bad set of initials. It spells a word, but it's not a bad word.
    You can get to the nn Annie or Anna with any name with Ana in it. Here are a few:
    Anastasia Rose or Anastasia Kate
    Eliana Rose or Eliana Kate
    Annika/Anniki Rose or Annika Kate
    Anais Rose or Anais Kate
    Julianna Rose or Julianna Kate
    Oceanna Rose or Oceanna Kate
    Susanna Rose or Susanna Kate

    Other ideas:
    Claire Elise & Adelaide Kate
    Claire Elise & Alice Rose
    Claire Elise & Marguerite Kate, nn Maggie
    Claire Elise & Bronwen Rose
    Claire Elise & Leora Kate

    btw I also like Anna Rose or Anna Kate. Those two choices are nice and simple, pretty and classic. It matches very well with Claire Elise.
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