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    Bellicent versus Belphoebe - I'm not a huge fan of either of these, unfortunately. I don't like the harsh-sounding sent sound of Bellicent (nor the potentical nickname of "Belly". While the Faerie Queen connection is nice for those who know it, I think the ignorant assumption would be to guess that Belphoebe is made-up. For me, I like the reference more than the actual name. That being said, I'd definitely choose Belphoebe over Bellicent.
    Circe versus Cleopatra - This one had me torn a bit. I love the elegant beauty of the name Cleopatra, but I wouldn't want to bestow the tragic history of her end on a young girl. While Circe has the goddess connection, I think that the majority of people unfamiliar with detailed Greek mythology (after all, Circe is considered a 'minor' goddess) would mispronounce her name. Have you considered the (wider-known) Hecate at all? Overall, I hesitantly vote for Cleopatra.
    Eurydice - Honestly, both the Eurydices I know of die painfully (Orpheus' wife, who steps on a viper, and Creon's wife in Antigone, who hangs herself). While I like the name - believe me, I do - I'm not sure I'd want my daughter under the shadow of those two women. I'd rather choose a more positive carrier of the name to look up to.
    Gwenllian - Pretty name, but as you pointed out, difficult pronunciation.
    Hespera - Something about it is off-putting to me...I think it's the "Hesp" bit, it's almost like a hiss. I prefer Hera, as H deities go, and Melia, as a different Greek nymph.
    Melpomene versus Morgana - Pom is an adorable nickname, but I'm choking over Melpomene. Morgana wins this round.
    Niniane - Red flags of mispronunciation and bad nickname-age (the obvious being Nini). Since you're partial to Arthurian mythology, how about simply naming her Avalon (I know, you're against A names due to the middle, but still)? If not, I still prefer her predecessor Viviane.
    Pandora versus Polyhymnia - Pandora, by a landslide. Again, Polyhymnia is prone to mispronunciation, and is a little too long and complex for my taste. Plus, I love the name Pandora.
    Thalassa versus Tinuviel - I'm actually a huge Tinuviel fan, plus Thalassa has that double-s that I despise, so Tinuviel wins.
    Zenobia - I love the historical reference, but I'm not digging the name. It's a little too much, if you know what I mean, plus with the A of her middle name, the A of Zenobia will bump into it.

    Overall, my top three rankings are as follows:
    1. Tinuviel
    2. Pandora (the only reason this one isn't first is because of the whole a/a thing)
    3. Gwenllian

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    Oh wow, top 5 already! Congrats, glad for you but so sad to see most of my favourites out Polyhymnia, Melpomene, Belphoebe, Cleopatra, Zenobia... Any chance they'll show up in the middle spot or for a future baby?

    Okay well I've given my opinions on all of these before, so in brief:

    Hespera (admittedly the only one in the top 5 I really love)- all warm and summery and magical, but strong enough to
    battle cold winters and hold her own
    Gwenllian- sweet, pretty, friendly and cheerful. but I'm still not sure I'm pronouncing it right...
    Morgana- enchanting, bewitching, seductive... and rather unkind
    Pandora- sweet, but cutesy and cotton candy-ish
    Tinuviel- cute but not too feminine, especially next to Aphrodite. BTW I've never read anything by Tolkien and only saw the first LOTR movie, too long ago to remember, so that may be why I'm not particularly fond of Tinuviel.

    Can't wait to see some combos!
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    Top 5:
    Gwenllian - It's OK, but prefer other names that were on the list
    Hespera -my second favorite
    Morgana - my favorite, but I am hoping two middle names would be very unusual
    Pandora - it's OK, prefer Gwenllian
    Tinuviel - don't like it.

    Favorite... Morgana, Hespera and Gwenllian.
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    I like Pandora and Tinuviel the best of these. I love the sounds and meanings of them, and they are both name enough to stand out as much as Aphrodite.

    Gwenllian in third, but I think it pales a bit in comparison to Aphrodite

    As much as I love Morgana as a name, it seems broody and dark paired with Aphrodite, and Hespera doesn't have enough oomph in my opinion - a bit light and airy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    Now that you've got a top 5, we need to start with the middles yes? We need warm ones like firelight and cuddles on chilly nights and snowflake ones I think. ^_^
    You're so right... I am working out my wording, and will probably start a new thread at the weekend. I hope.

    Aurora; yay! Thanks. I'm actually starting to love Hespera for a winter baby. It's always been so summery to me, but now I think of soft white snow, snow angels, big cosy scarves... and what Angel said !

    Bib; thank you! I'm glad your top three was in my top five! I did consider Hecate, but it would rule out Hespera, which I love with big sparkling letters. Hera is pretty, but she's not someone I wish to name my daughter for.

    Clocks and Moonie; thanks! Moo, I'm glad you like Nuvi and Panda!!

    ...and CLOSING. Thanks all! YOu've been ever so helpful...
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