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    Just posted on the boys' thread... otter-baby name lists are way more fun than escort cards

    Circe is growing on me big time. It has a vivaciousness that stands up well to Aphrodite.

    Morgana is my secret favorite I think. It is soft and luxurious.

    Tinuviel (Nuvi) is adorable beyond words and I would love to know that there is a Roo, Mio, and Nuvi out there in the world.
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    Lordy where have I been?!
    So Ceridwen is out? And Hespera feels warm-weatherish to you eh? Belphoebe to me is almost more ravishing as a middle name, because its babbling-brook momentum can really shine when it's bridging names. Hespera Belphoebe Elaine.. Zenobia SOMEthing Belphoebe..

    My favorites of your remaining list:

    Zenobia: Might be a perfect match with Aphrodite. It has a hard edge that I really enjoy, but that also makes it a challenging name. Roo and Zoo.
    Cleopatra: Also a perfect match with Roo. But is it too perfect? Nickname Cleo sounds so sexy French New Wave to me.
    Hespera: She and Dita are similarly windy to me. Aphrodite is a wild salty Nor'easter, and Hespera is a warm Sirocco blowing through silvery olive trees.
    Gwenllian: Possibly my sleeper-favorite. The namesake is excellent. It contrasts but complements Aphrodite. Winnie and Gwen are both wonderful. I have some inspirational Gwenllian links for you. The first is from an old Vogue photo shoot with Stella Tennant, and it is soooo Gwenllian to me. The second is who I think of when I hear the name Gwen - one of my favorite dancers. She has a lofty but weighted quality that is really incredible, like goosewings and heavy snow. The commentary in this video is annoying. Just watch the first five minutes.

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    Sorry if this is a repeat. I haven't read the whole thread, but Estatira nn Etta occurred to me right away,if you look the name is in there amongst the other letters, kind of cool!

    Edit: Just finished the thread! Haha, this name got the axe a long time ago, oh well, this is all (the names, the meanings, myth and imagery) is all so fascinating! Thank you for expanding my name nerd education ottilie!
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    Dina; escort cards, eh? Your wedding sounds way fancy. I doubt we'll even do place card... I'm glad you like Circe and Morgana! I think I'm saving Nuvi for a little sister, what you said earlier made my heart melt a little...

    Emma; yes, where have you been??! Yes, I took Ceridwen off, I don't want to make him love a name, if he starts loving it at some point, I'll put it back. But he loves Gwenllian, and I can't do both, so I'm pretty happy! I love that dance video, very nice. Love me some dancers... I'm working really hard to get some connection to Cleopatra, because I love it, but all I see is the Cleopatraness, I'm not able to separate the name from the person. Zenobia is easier in that regard, as there are several ties, but I still need some more connection to it... Thanks for your thoughts!!!

    Kashed; haha, yeah, that was a fleeting love. It was just too frilly! And you're welcome !
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    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thought of Panda as a nn for Pandora. That's probably my favourite on your list- it's in my top 5!
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