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    I’m falling in love with Pandora due to your posts about this name And I think she’ll be a perfect sister to Aphrodite.
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    I want to say "screw your friend and her having Phoebe on her short list" Belphoebe is so much prettier.
    (Also Bellicent makes me think of belligerent. Which I know I've said before.)
    Though I think this makes sense for you guys - like a "normal" middle makes sense.

    here are the rest of my .02
    Cleo over Circe
    Endymion or Orpheus over Eurydice
    Morgana over Melpomene
    Neither Pandora or Polyhymnia -> sorry I just still don't love either.
    Tinuviel over Thalassa
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    In contrast with my overly verbose response to your boys list, I'll keep this very short.

    The only ones I love and adore are Tinuviel (Nuvi! Vi!) and Zenobia. Both are stunning. If I have to chose, it's Zenobia for usability.

    Gwenllian is good, too.

    And Circe for a mn. Because Casimir is better.

    None of the others really work for me as a real life name, or else don't sound lovely to me.

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    I love the nickname Pom for Penelope. Ive never heard that before and it makes me smile!
    Other than that I really like Belphoebe, Pandora and Zenobia.
    To me Polyhymnia and Melpomene both sound like drugs or chemical additives. I wish they didn't because they are beautiful... but I can't help but think that. The other ones I just don't care for.

    Good luck!

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    Bellicent versus Belphoebe - Belphoebe, but you could call your child by her middle, or put Belphoebe in the middle
    Eurydice (but would rule out Endymion and Orpheus) - Orpheus
    Gwenllian - no
    Hespera - ok
    Morgana - nice
    Niniane - like this
    Pandora - no
    Thalassa versus Tinuviel - neither
    Zenobia -ok
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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