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    Top three here are Zenobia, Gwennlian and Circe!

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    Thanks dudettes!

    Update from The Fickle Couple:

    We've decided we don't want repeating first initials, with the exception of C's, if one's hard and the other's soft. But that's only in an "emergency".

    A's out because of Aphrodite
    Bellicent versus Belphoebe
    Circe versus Cleopatra
    Eurydice (but would rule out Endymion and Orpheus)
    Melpomene versus Morgana
    Pandora versus Polyhymnia
    Thalassa versus Tinuviel

    Don't weigh my words too carefully, I know I've put more nice words on some than others, but if I didn't really love them all they wouldn't be here.

    Bellicent: I threw her out because of the battle with Belphoebe, one Bel- name's enough I thought. But Bellicent is gorgeous. It's Arthurian. It doesn't sound like a smush. She's Morgause. It sounds like fresh morning dew on willow trees.

    Belphoebe: I love Belphoebe, but co-pregnant friend told me her short list a few days ago and Phoebe's on it. We're not that close (her hub is friend with Husband) but they live in Bath, and when we move I bet we'll see them more. So if she chooses Phoebe, this one is out.

    Circe: Love everything about Circe. Sweet, adorable, magical, quietly dramatic and beautiful. But it looks awfully short with it's five slender letters and two syllables next to Aphrodite and Endymion. I'm starting to wonder if I should put this in the middle... the idea is killing me, but I did it with Illyria, and it worked out fine.

    Cleopatra: I still need to work on this one in my head, but the name is all beauty, drama, independence, power and loveliness. It's got that O I love.

    Eurydice: This is only an option if I nix Orpheus and Endymion, or for my last child if she's a girl and I've already used Hespera.

    Gwenllian: Historic name instead of mythology. Brave fierce Welsh princess. I love me a Gwen name, and Winnie would be adorable. Roo & Winnie! Problem is the pronunciation. And I'm wondering if it's too different from the other names on my lists.

    Hespera: Really saving for a warm weather girl, but if this one has a summer spirit, who am I to deny her a summer name? No bad things about this one, all good.

    Melpomene: A little Pom would be precious. The name jumps with joy, I love Mel names, it's a muse, it means to celebrate with song! I love that. Would rule out Polyhymnia and...

    Morgana: It feel autumnal and Samhainish to me, but I'm keeping it in case she's a stormy moody enchantress. Nothing bad about Morgana either, and it's Arthurian, not Greek.

    Niniane: Yes, I brought it back. I love how haunting Niniane is, and we decided no one uses the word ninny anyway.

    Pandora: Love the myth, lots of nice art works, two of my favourite songs, it's utterly beautiful and cute and nickname Panda.

    Polyhymnia: I know some of you think this sounds like a disease or a medication, but I don't. It's happy and generous and beautiful. Another muse, and would rule out Panda up there along with Melpomene. Nicknames Polly and Pom make me happy.

    Tinuviel: daughter of the starry twilight. One of the most beautiful stories Tolkien wrote, and the name is stunning. It's completely different from anything else on my list.

    Zenobia: Historical name, amazing Syrian Queen and who doesn't love those. A treasure chest of petnames, and it's got an o and it starts with a z, and all over it's very good. Feels warm, cosy and quirky.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Haha, that was for me, wasn't it. I promise not to try to guess your favorite. Actually, you might want to put together a few different combos? A wintry name, a stormy name, etc? Though I'm going to nominate Zenobia Marian Circe. Gwenllian is up there too, but Zenobia is really winning out as far as I'm concerned. She seems wintry, but full of life.
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    Oooooooooh Niniane is back! My could-never-use-it-Latina heart is bursting with joy! I still love her oh so very much! I love how it sounds I love the feeling of longing for a loved one it gives me.

    Zenobia is still winning this one for me. With Roo's name you need something strong but sleek I feel. Zenobia is that. Strong and sleek but still cute enough for a baby/child to carry it.

    Morgana. Mysterious and powerful. I feel like someone named Morgana could feel and see your soul.

    My underdogs:
    Circe. Roo and Circe. Two adorable little girls laughing and running to school, almost twins. They share a secret language. It is very short next to Aphrodite, but I feel like Aphrodite doesn't overshadow it at all.

    Tinuviel. Little Nuvi. I love this one, but it feels like the youngest child, does that make sense? Nonetheless, it's one of my favorites on your list.

    I so love your lists and updates!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I will give you my top 5 from your updated list above.

    1. Gwenllian - I do not think that it's too different than your other choices and I love the nn Winnie! It goes really well with your Aphrodite's nn. I agree that some people might have trouble pronouncing this, but once they hear it once I'm sure it won't be that big of a deal.
    2. Pandora - While I am not brave enough to use this, this is a gorgeous name that I think is bold enough to use with Aphrodite.
    3. Bellicent - It has a very nice sound to it. Would you use a nn for this?
    4. Hespera - This name is very soft and romantic sounding to me. NN ideas, Hespie, Pera
    5. Circe - This name is sassy and feminine.

    Good luck!

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