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    Love Andromeda! It's what I tell me students my middle name is ( I wish!). Of course I'm drawn to the An names :-) it does pair well with Aphrodite- but then starts an A trend.

    I see you cut Eurydice- but it would have been my favorite. I'd call her Nymph. I knew a Eurydice Moon- so gorgeous!

    Belphoebe, Pandora and Gwenilian are intriguing. Beautiful images.
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    Can't imagine Ottilie not choosing Belphoebe after so many great responses.
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    My top five:
    Belpheobe - I love this for you. One of my favorites. Bee as a nn is darling. Roo and Bee. Elph/Elf would be really cute as well.
    Gwenllian - This is soft and beautiful - to me it has such a distinctly different life from Ditaroo's name that it would allow for a little girl to be very different from her big sister if she wanted to be. Winnie is darling, Ginnie would work too.
    Hespera - I adore Hespera and would be so thrilled to meet one. nn's Peri or Pea would be sweet. What I really like about Hespera (and Morgana and Zenboia) is that they have similar strength yet different spirits to Ditaroo's name. I can't imagine them not being equal play-mates.
    Morgana - One of my favorite things about Morgana is that it's from a different mythology background and unrelated to the Olympians. To me she's dark purple and stormy blue, passionate and protective. I think she'd do well as a sister of the godess of love and beauty.
    Zenobia - Love it. It feels much more exotic than it should and I dig that about this name.

    next four (w/ nn's I like):
    Eurydice nn Reese, Edie
    Iphigenia nn Genie, Effy
    Penelope nn Penny, Poppy, or Nell
    Tinuviel nn Tiny, Nuvi

    The last six:
    Andromeda - a little to on the nose for my taste.
    Circe - Still feeling like it's too on the nose with Ditaroo's name but otherwise I like it.
    Melpomene (Pom)
    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda)
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia (Polly/Pom)
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    Sessha; my MLP book was very neat as well, all inside the lines. My mum actually kept it, that's how much I loved that book! I'm trying to work on Cleo. When we're out and about I play a little game where I try to find people I think could be the names on my list. Aphrodite had her first visit to the occult shop yesterday, and we met a boy who could've been a Romulus! But no Cleopatras. But I love the name so much, I just need to work on it. The things I do see match what you do very much. And she's an Aquarius name which I like, as she'll (most likely) be one. Which Anne Rice novel may I ask?

    Senorita; thanks for all your comments! The Bella thing is one of my concerns about Belphoebe too... and I have a few friends who are expecting babies, I know one of them likes Phoebe a lot. Hespera is HES-puh-ruh.

    Noora; thanks!!

    Sarah; I'm glad to see that list from you! Thank you!

    Goodie; you knew a Eurydice Moon???? Swoon... I am saving Eurydice. If I don't get my Orpheus, I'll name my last girl Eurydice. Nymph is a gorgeous nickname!

    Clocktower; She'll be on the shortlist, I'm pretty sure...

    Lex; thanks for the comments. I agree with you on your top five. Such lovely comments, and it all makes sense! The rest of the comments too. Thanks sweetie!!!

    If I'm awake a little later I might post some more thoughts if I finish thinking them.
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    My top five from your list are,


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