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    Pandora or Pandeia

    My top five! I agree with other posters that Penelope--while a very pretty name steeped in mythology--is too mainstream compared to Aphrodite. Morgana is also a bit too mainstream because of Morgan, but I love the name. I'm actually loving Andromeda with Aphrodite, which doesn't seem to be the popular opinion. Yes, they start with the same letter but they're quite different (though same first letter doesn't bother me too much--especially with just two kids, I don't feel like you're "locked in" to that initial if you decide to have more children). Andromeda's recognizable like Aphrodite without being popular like Penelope, whereas I feel like a few of your other choices wouldn't be as intuitive.

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    I'll now pick Zenobia out of that list.

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    My favorites, in order of preference:


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    1. Zenobia- This is my favorite, I just think the sounds are so complimenting with Aphrodite and I shamelessly love the A and Z initials.
    2. Gwenllian- This is my very close second favorite, and I'm loving it even more if she gets the nn Winnie!
    3. Hespera- This would be my favorite if it was a summer baby, so I personally think you should save her, but I like it more than the other options.
    4. Morgana- I still don't really like it, but I know you do. Morgan is a bit plain though... and seems a very likely nn along with Ana. Middle?
    5. Tinuviel- Is adorable, and great with Illyria, but last time you decided she was too much for a first name. Has your opinion changed?
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    Thanks ladies! This is great, very helpful. I don't have to think myself anymore .

    I'll do a big blanket thanks, and only comment back to those of you who said something I feel I should reply to. But everyone is very very helpful and I appreciate the time you took to do this!

    Dina; I'm really like that too (the nicknames you know), but recently a few naughty someone's made me fall in love with cute nickname opportunities... and I think some are so adorable! Seating charts sounds like fun!

    Ren; Haha, yeah I know, I laughed out loud at Mo-Eggs, need to consider that one! Emmy's adorable! I'm excited you like Estatira... and Star is cutiepie! Helpful, yes indeed, sweets!

    Mousehouse; Things are a little different in the UK, none of the Gwen names are popular. All of them combined: 125 babies in 2011. Gwen on it's own ranked highest, and was only given to 53 girls. So that's not something I worry about. Morgan ranks right inside of #300, under 200 babies in 2011. Morgana was only given to 7. Thanks though!

    Namelover; I like Riri, but isn't that what they call Rhianna? Lilith is cool, and one I've considered before, but we know some Lily's.... I'd actually rather be a demon any day than submitting to a man !

    Muffs; I like Mora! That is pretty. Essie is cute, but I only think of nails... pretty nails though.

    Aurora; yeah, everytime I take Polyhymnia off I get sad. So back she came! Eppie is adorable, and Meg for Morgana! Yay, I knew asking the clever berries for help was a good idea! Thank you!

    Gwen; yay for the comments! Polyxena's lovely, but vetoed by Husband. You sure you're pronouncing Eurydice right? I can't really see what's unpleasant about the yoo-sound...

    Tara; Lil Hepcat!!!! I'm in love! Too cute. Thanks so much!!!

    Tuitree; Pari is gorgeous, I've toyed around with Pareerou (fairy face) as a middle. It would be a lovely nn. Anna's my sister's name, so that's out!

    c@29; I love Mori and Moro for Morgana. Very cute.

    Pardalote; I do like Persephone, but can't use it. Besides I'm pretty sure it would lock me in a Goddess theme...

    Victoria; Thank you, you nailed Hespera. That's pretty much how I see her. I could never use her in the middle though... All lovely comments, thanks!

    Brynie; Ari is pretty darn cute. Yes, Eurydice's yoo-RI-duh-see.

    Clocks; yes, Bradamante's out. Someone didn't enjoy it as much as I did.

    Moon; yay! I like that you used wicked to describe Circe. Wicked's good! Lovely comments, as usual.

    Maggie; Bellicent simply lost out to Belphoebe. And Morgause is Morgana's sister, so it would kind of rule Morgana out as well. That's all it was.

    Amy; yes, you and your shameless a-z loving. What should we do about that? I'd have to do Winnie for Gwenllian, start a little Winnie-the-Pooh theme! Teehee, next one would have to be Tigger . Regarding Hespera; I would like to save her for a summer baby, but what if I never have one? What if this is my last girl (it's probably a boy, but you know)? Or what if she's all dark magical warm summer night-esque when she comes out? It's really just an in case thing... I'd just die if I never got to use this. Tinuviel, yes, I did say she was too much didn't I? I probably will say the same thing in a few months. She's the second middle in my Circe dream combo.

    Thanks all!!!
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