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    Nicknames: Pera, Perry

    Nickname: Cricket

    I like this best because I like the sibset Cricket and Roo.

    ...and instead of Penelope, I feel as if Persephone fits in better with your other choices. But perhaps you don't care for it!
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    Favorite 3:

    Aphrodite & Gwenllian
    Aphrodite & Hespera
    Aphrodite & Melpomene
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    My favorites:

    Morgana: I love Morgana & Aphrodite together.
    Pandora/Pandeia: It's crazy, because my best friend calls me Pandora, and he also shortens it to Panda
    Tinuviel: This name is so much fun to say. (I keep mouthing it, I think my brother thinks I'm crazy). Haha, AND the nickname Tiny is adorable.
    Zenobia: Love nickname Bee

    With Aphrodite, my favorites:
    Aphrodite & Pandora (though, I like Pandeia more)
    Aphrodite & Morgana
    Aphrodite & Hespera

    Also, somebody already mentioned this, but Penelope is extremely mainstream, and Belphoebe's borderline mainstream with "Phoebe" & "Bella". Compared to the not-so-mainstream Goddess of love and beauty, your little Penelope might feel a little inadequate.
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    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    I said I will probably be late and I am late. Yay for shortened list Otter!
    Top 5 with my name visions:
    1) Gwenllian - Gwen all the way! I think it has it all - familiar Gwen nickname and sleek full form. As I already mentioned, Gwenllian and Aphrodite are different enough to compliment each other.
    1.1 Gwenllian = sparkling tiara, orange and crimson afterglow, impregnable fortress of stone and a beautiful woman riding a horse in the boundless field.
    2) Belphoebe - ditto Gwenllian but I slightly prefer Gwen to Bee so it's #2.
    2.1 Belphoebe = gray musline and yards of lace, predawn glory and apple trees in blossom.
    3) Pandora - Panda is adorable! The story of Pandora isn't my absolute favorite but the name has fun and beauty.
    3.1 Pandora = freckles and long braids of curly hair, bright-green lea covered with camomiles and bluebells all over, little feet and mottled butterflies.
    4) Hespera - Princess Essie! Yay-yay, fitting with Roo for 100%. I remember you mentioned Hespera among your long-time favorites, it's time to use it finally! I think you should definitely use it - either for first or for one of the middles.
    4.1 Hespera = twinkling evening stars in the ink-blue velvet sky, calla lilies, dancing little fairies, haze of mist around the pond...
    5) Melpomene - Roo and Pom! Gives me enough inspiration to write a children book about two adorable little sisters. Melpomene is probably my favorite muse name, bright and lux and fun.
    Melpomene = wreaths of ivy and , tears of happiness, spellbinding melodies, masks and satin gowns...

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    For the difficult nicknaming names:
    Hespera nn Peri or Essie, Morgana nn ...I got nothing, Estatira nn Estie or Ari (last three letters backwards) and Eurydice nn Eury (if its pronounced like Yoo-ree)

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