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    Sorry for repeats, they are guaranteed.

    These are my favorites, especially with Aphrodite:

    Belphoebe (Bee)
    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda)

    nn suggestions:

    Hespera: Perry, Pera, Essie, Sparrow
    Morgana: Morrie, GG, MG, Her initials.
    Estatira: Essie, Tira,
    Eurydice: Eury, Dice (however that part of the name is pronounced.)

    Belpheobe still wins, in my book. Hands down PERFECT with Aphrodite, and on its own. It's cute and flowy and just BEAUTIFUL.
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    My top three favorites are:


    And why not:

    Andromeda - I am not a fan of repeating initials.
    Circe - I think this would suit a middle name better
    Estatira - feels clunky!
    Eurydice - I like Eurydice but I foresee many pronunciation problems
    Hespera - It doesn't lend itself to a good nickname, does it?
    Iphigenia - Iphigenia was not one of the more likable mythical characters - besides, I often mistake her for Ismene, the less cool sister of Antigone.
    Melpomene (Pom) - I love this muse but the ending -pomene feels too heavy and reminds me of apples (which I like, but I'm not the kind of Berry to name a child Apple)
    Morgana - I love Morgan Le Fay and the name Morgan but Morgana feels too villainous for me.
    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda) - I prefer Pandora but not nearly so much as my top three.
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia (Polly/Pom) - it does have a good "Swiftly Tilting Planet" reference with cute nicknames, but ultimately, not my favorite, although close.
    Tinuviel (Tiny/Nuvi) - Too tied with Lord of the Rings.
    Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe) - I just can't like this one. I think of xenophobia.
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    I'm really starting to like Melpomene! Pom & Roo are adorable together. Penelope is really great too, but it's a bit safe next to Aphrodite IMO. I have a soft spot for Andromeda too. Great list as always!

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    After five pages I'm pretty sure I'll have some repeat comments, sorry about that!

    Well, you know I love Belphoebe. Bee is just the sweetest. There's also the nn Birdie, which I love. Belphoebe and Aphrodite are just beautiful together. Andromeda sounds rather harsh next to the soft, sweet Aphrodite. Plus, then you've got the A trend started. It just sounds a bit too matchy to my ears. It's one thing to have sisters Andrea and Alison, but when the names are as defined as Aphrodite and Andromeda, it feels really weighed down by the theme. does that make any sense?

    I know you love Circe... It's just not my favourite (but it's not my daughter). I don't even have a legitimate reason, I think it's actually a pretty cool name, there's just something about it that stops me from loving it. Estatira makes me think of the word esthetician, but on the other hand it has a pretty, girl sound. Nicknames could be Tira or Etta. I'm not positive on the pronunciation of Eurydice, so I'm not going to comment on it .

    Gwenllian reminds me of Gawain, as in Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady. I much prfer Gwendolen or Guinevere. The nicknames Gwen and Winnie are adorable though. I'm partial to Winnie. There's something very magical about Hespera. Hespera and Aphrodite make a lovely combo. Nickname could be Hera. I've heard Iphigenia pronounced a few different ways, but no matter what I just find it looks unpleasant written down. And when I hear Genie I just imagine someone rubbing a lamp.

    Melpomene and the nickname Pom make me think of Pom Wonderful, a popular brand of Pomegranate juice here in Canada. If you don't have that association in the UK, then it should be fine. Melpomene and Morgana are just kind of meh to me. I know a lot of Morgans, so Morgana, although a lot more entrenched in history, seems to fall flat.

    Pandora is a lovely name, but a lot of meaning to carry. I much prefer Pandeia. I love Penelope, especially with nn Poppy, but next to Aphrodite, Penelope looks kind of... common. Polyhymnia - isn't this the one you said was too easy to break apart into the meaning? I like it, but stumble over the pronunciation every time I say it.

    As for Tinuviel, it's probably my least favourite from your list. I would hate to be nicknamed Tiny, and Nuvi reminds me of the word "newby" (maybe just another Canadian association?). Zenobia I love. The sound, the nicknames, everything. Also, having one girl start with an A and another with a Z? Yes!!

    So my favourites are by far Belphoebe and Zenobia. Good luck!

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    Hespera - Hessy, Essy, Perry, Hera
    Morgana - Gana
    Estatira - Esta, Tira
    Eurydice - Dicie

    My favs:

    Gwenllian (Gwen)
    Penelope (LOVE Poppy)
    Zenobia (I knew a Zenobia who went by Zen)
    Hespera (Hera)
    Morgana (Gana)
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