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    I love Circe and Zenobia with Aphrodite. Belphoebe is pretty but I do agree that the common factor of Belle and Phoebe takes away from how pretty it is. Also, you can use the nn Bee for Zenobia, too.

    ETA: I don't know how you feel about French names, but Pomeline is adorable and another cute way to get nn Pom. Not sure how it pairs with Aphrodite, though. Probably too frilly.
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    Ottilie, I've always heard Eurydice pronounced "yure-ID-ih-see." The "oo" gets lost and the R kind of gets lumped into the first syllable in an American accent--it sounds much nicer in British, actually. I still can't like it, though. And it would preclude you from having an Orpheus, wouldn't it?

    My opinions on nicknames: Roo and Bee or Roo and Panda would be absolutely adorable. I like that they all sound like animals; it gives them a fun, outdoorsy feel, which I know you like. Based on nicknames alone, I'd pick one of those. Essie, Eppie, Pom, all the Zenobia options, and Star are also awesome, and of course Gwen (Winnie is cute, too, but I think Gwen is Wearable by anyone? I can't express it exactly. I may be somewhat biased. But hey, I was an outdoorsy kid who ran around the woods exploring, getting poison ivy and pretending to be all manner of things, so I can't help but associate my own name with the vibe you want.)

    I'm just so-so on Nuvi and Genie-- how are you pronouncing Iphigenia? I've heard both JEH-nee-uh and JEE-nee-uh. I also came across the Iphigeneia variation the other day and thought that was gorgeous.
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    Your list is a breath of fresh air on here.
    Certainly not all my style..
    But lovely fresh air nonetheless .
    Top 5:
    Gwenllian - Love, love, love. It's somewhere on my list as well.
    Hespera - Pretty. Potential nn's are Hessy/Essy, Perry, Eve/Evie, Eri, Speri.
    Morgana - Nn's are Ora, Mo, Oana (oh-AH-na), Nana, Ana, Fay(e), Gigi.
    Eurydice - I've loved the Orpheus and Eurydice story ever since I was young, haha. Anyway. Nn's are Cece, Rydi, Uri, Reeree, Deedee, Itti/Iddi.
    Pandora - Like.
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    Top Four:
    Belphoebe - My front-runner! Aphrodite and Belphoebe are swoonworthy sisters
    Tinuviel - I love that it has a totally different feel from Aphrodite, but still works in a sibset. Plus the meaning gets me every time.
    Gwenllian - Winnie is TOO precious
    Pandora - I've had a complete change of heart regarding this name. I think Aphrodite and Pandora are perfect together, and who doesn't love Panda and Roo??

    Circe - Circe Olwen Tinuviel is to die for. Otherwise I'd move this one to the middle name slot, because it's a little slight next to big sis.
    Morgana - I do love Morgana, she's just not my top pick this time around.

    Zenobia - I'm slowly warming up to Zenobia...she's not my favorite, but I recognize how good she sounds next to Aphrodite.
    Hespera - Love the suggestion of Peri as a nickname!

    On the Fence:
    Eurydice - I like this one on paper, but there's something about the sound that throws me. Rid maybe? Diss? I don't know.
    Melpomene - Pom and Roo are adorable together, and I like the muse connection. When I say it though, it sounds like a run-together mylittlepony O.o

    Veto Points:
    Iphigenia - I thought hubs was anti-PH-sounds this time around? I'm also a little turned off by the pronunciation issues.
    Polyhymnia - I still only see hymen
    Andromeda - I love love love this name, I just think it's far too twinsy with Aphrodite
    Penelope - Becoming totally mainstream. If you adore this name above all others, I'd say use it for a middle...but as a first I can't see it standing up to Aprhodite

    Did Cleopatra get the axe already? So sad!!! She was my first choice even above Belphoebe! A sibset of Aphrodite and Cleopatra is extravagant, lush, luxurious, and unbelievably GORGEOUS. I die just thinking about it!
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