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    Andromeda - It's OK
    Belphoebe (Bee) - lovely
    Circe - lovely
    Estatira - dislike, nn Essie
    Eurydice - it's OK, don't know how you pronounce it, maybe it's lovely then
    Gwenllian (Gwen/Winnie) - it's OK
    Hespera - lovely
    Iphigenia (Genie) - I find this ugly
    Melpomene (Pom) - prefer Pomeline
    Morgana - lovely, nn Momo
    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda) - prefer Pandora
    Penelope (Poppy or Pom) - It's OK, but prefer Poppy on it's own
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia (Polly/Pom) - over-the-top, to much with Aphrodite
    Tinuviel (Tiny/Nuvi) - it's not my style
    Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe) - it's OK

    To bad you cross out Bradamante, it's was so lovely.

    My faves...
    Eurydice (even if I don't like pronunciation)

    and Bradamante, but that's probably out.
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    Oh, Hespera would be my #1 choice. It's gorgeous...dark and bright...purple flowers blooming in a dark garden until starlight. Nickname "Pari", it's a bit of stretch, but it means "Fairy" in Hindi and in Persian, which I think you might like.

    #2 - tie between Belphoebe (Bee, Bell, Bells, Fee) and Zenobia (Bia, Nobi, Bee, Zen).

    #4 Gwenllian - such a beautiful name, with a strong historical connection too. It can stand up to Aphrodite.

    #5 tie between Morgana and Pandora (Panda, eeeps, too cute). Morgana has powerful sorceress image. Pandora has a mythological connection which works with Aphrodite, but I feel like Aphrodite is the "stronger" of two. She's a goddess, Pandora's a mortal. When you have more children, this might be an issue at all though.

    #7 Eurydice - I like the meaning of the name of the name itself. I'm not sure about the tragic (but beautiful) myth, even though I like her character.

    My apologies if this is too harsh, but I'd ditch:
    Andromeda - makes me think of galaxies and space before the mythological connection. So it seems sort of science-fiction-y.
    Circe - Don't like the sound, the myth, plus there's that Game of Thrones character (Cersei I think it's spelled)
    Estatira - Not a particular fan of the sound, the history. Plus it feels awkward.
    Iphigenia - pronunciation issues.
    Melpomene - It sounds like a smoosh name (Mel + pomme + many), even though there's a nice mythological tie behind it.
    Penelope - Too popular for you! And I never liked Penelope in The Odyssey.
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia - It sounds like a disease, or a medical term - like a Victorian term for a female illness of some sort.
    Tinuviel - its almost too cute, especially on an adult. And it doesn't stand up to Aphrodite.

    Oh, congratulations!!!
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    Okay, quick and dirty opinions

    Andromeda - LOVE it, but might be hard to wear

    Belphoebe (Bee) - meh

    Circe - So cute, wicked, and magical all at the same time. Thumbs up!

    Estatira - oooh, pretty.. Tira, possible nn?

    Eurydice - I want to love this one so much but I just can't

    Gwenllian (Gwen/Winnie) - meh

    Hespera - BEAUTIFUL

    Iphigenia (Genie) - meh

    Melpomene (Pom) - ditto Eurydice

    Morgana - ditto Circe

    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda) -You already know I love this one

    Penelope (Poppy or Pom) - So cute and elegant all at the same time. Seriously underused

    Polyhymnia/Polymnia (Polly/Pom) - I like this one...not sure how I feel about Polly as a nn

    Tinuviel (Tiny/Nuvi) - This used to be on my list long ago before I crossed off all the -el names. So lovely, musical, just sing-songs off your tongue like magic

    Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe) -Regal and devil-may-care. I adore Z names, this one is no exception
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    from fave to least fave

    Morgana- love the nn Morrie. could also do Mo, Mona, Ana

    Hespera- Essie, Perry, Era, Happy

    not fond of or clashes with Aphrodite:
    Penelope- while i love this name, it sounds so plain next to Aphrodite
    Andromeda- also love this name, but it fits too much with Aphrodite
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    Zenobia wins this one for me, as I said in the part two thread, I think Aphrodite and Zenobia work wonderfully together. And if you use the nn Bee, well then Roo and Bee, it's just too cute for words. ♥

    NB: What happened to Bellicent, which is my new name crush?!!
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