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    Hespera- Essie
    Morgana- Morgy (a good friend of mine goes by this, and it is SO cute!)
    Estatira- Essie, Tatty
    Eurydice- RiRi (RiRi and Roo! How adorable is that?), Dissy

    Andromeda- Too much with Aphrodite.
    Belphoebe (Bee)- Love!
    Circe- Nice. Perfect as a middle.
    Estatira- Too much, I think.
    Eurydice- Aphrodite is fresh and wonderfully clunky, but this just seems clunky.
    Gwenllian (Gwen/Winnie)- Gwen or Winnie might sound too serious with Roo, but the name itself is pretty.
    Hespera- Like, but feels plain next to Aphrodite.
    Iphigenia (Genie)- Incredible! I love it!
    Melpomene (Pom)- Pom and Roo? Perfection!!!
    Morgana- See Hespera.
    Pandora or Pandeia (Panda)- These are nice, but not perfect.
    Penelope (Poppy or Pom)- Way plain next to Aphrodite.
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia (Polly/Pom)- Okay.
    Tinuviel (Tiny/Nuvi)- Nice name, but it's no Aphrodite.
    Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe)- This is the BEST, by far. I lovelovelove this name with Aphrodite.

    I put my top 4 in bold. Oh, and another name (though this might be too plain or religious to you) is Lilith. In the Bible, she was turned into a demon for refusing to submit to Adam. A terrible fate, but strong woman.
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    In order from favorite to least favorite:

    1. Zenobia (nn Zoe - LOVE!)
    2. Penelope - a bit more normal than your other names, but it's in my Top 5 and goes well with Aphrodite
    3. Morgana - The one nickname that immediately came to mind was Gaga, but it seems such a shame to shorten Morgana to something so silly. Maybe Mora?
    4. Andromeda - Ooh, a new one. Really like it!
    5. Circe
    6. Pandora/Pandeia - But I still prefer Pandora
    7. Melpomene - I went to Forvo to hear how this was pronounced, and now I quite like it! It didn't sound as pretty the way I thought it was said.
    8. Eurydice
    9. Hespera - What about Essie as a nickname?
    10. Gwenllian
    11. Tinuviel - Still prefer this in the middle, though.
    12. Iphigenia
    13. Belphoebe
    14. Polyhymnia/Polymnia
    15. Estatira
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    These are some seriously beautiful names! I love the imagery I am getting from them. These are my particular favorites.

    Circe - Lovely and so intriguing
    Gwenllian (Gwen/Winnie) - I love these NNs
    Iphigenia (Genie) - So gorgeous and sounds wonderful with Aphrodite
    Morgana - I love this one as well for the image it gives. I can visualize all names but I see this one so vividly
    Pandora - Such a fun name and feels like the perfect match to Aphrodite
    Penelope (Poppy or Pom) - very lovely and I adore the nn Poppy but it does feel a bit off next to Aphrodite
    Zenobia (Bee/Bia/Nobi/Zoe) - Generally I am not a big fan of this name but the NNs make it feel so much easier to wear

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    Ooo, Polyhymnia back on the list?? Grin My Top 5:

    Belphoebe (included in the Top 5 I chose from your last list--lovely. Gorgeous. Pretty with Aphrodite.)
    Circe (also on my earlier list--you've loved her too long to not have her on your shortlist)
    Hespera (I remember this from Roo's naming journey, and I thought it was lovely. Aphrodite sounds like morning and Hespera like evening.)
    Polyhymnia (just 'cause I love it! I think if anyone can use it, you can. I prefer the longer version.)
    Tinuviel (so, so beautiful...Tiny and Nuvi are very cute)

    I think Essie is an adorable nickname, and I see it working for Hespera, Estatira or Eurydice. Eppie for Hespera is cute too, and maybe Dessie for Eurydice. How about Meg/Meggie for Morgana? Meg strikes me as both cute and strong. Annie could work, too, though I'm not sure it's your style.

    Best wishes!
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    Yay, even more Otter lists! For the sake of the naming world, I hope you don't stop at two kids.

    Andromeda - One of my long-time loves, but I share your concerns about first initial repeating. My sister and one of my brothers have the same exact initials, which is weird and occasionally confusing.
    Belphoebe - I've already gushed about this one on your other thread. So, to sum things up, it's extremely gush-worthy and probably my favorite from your list.
    Circe - Eh. I find the sound a bit awkward, and while the mythological figure is a great counterpart to Aphrodite, she's definitely more of an outright villain.
    Estatira - Never heard this one before. I like it!
    Eurydice - Ugh. One of the few Greek names I just can't stand. Partially because of the unpleasant-sounding first syllable, and partially because I went on a field trip with my Close Reading class to see a dreadful stage adaptation of the myth that was basically just Waiting for Godot mixed with Our Town.
    Gwenllian - Yes. Pick this one. The world needs more Gwens. I'm lonely.
    Hespera - On the fence about this one. It's pretty, but I can't seem to like the majority of H-names.
    Iphigenia - LOVE. This one has been flitting around my head all week--I was editing the footage of my theater company's Women of Troy and got completely distracted reading the Iliad and Iphigenia at Aulis. If you don't mind the sacrifice thing, then Polyxena's a lovely option that I think is a bit more wearable than the [equally lovely] Polyhymnia.
    Melpomene - Love Pom, less enthusiastic about Melpomene. The sound is just so-so.
    Morgana - Eh. Feels less interesting than your other options.
    Pandora - Pandeia is nice, I ADORE Pandora and Panda. They're just so fun.
    Penelope - Lovely, but getting really popular, and Poppy makes me cringe.
    Polyhymnia/Polymnia - These are both growing on me. I think they're totally wearable with the multiple nn options.
    Tinuviel - Gorgeous, but I wouldn't want to be nicknamed Tiny.
    Zenobia - Dripping with spunk and a subtle elegance. Goes perfectly with Aphrodite. Would be excellent.
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