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    Casimir – You're right, this seems to be a fan favorite…I think I would choose Casimir over Circe, but not over Cleopatra (Cas and Cleo actually have a very similar feel in my mind, very luxurious). I would choose Casimir over Dionysus, Faramond, Isidore, Lohengrin, and Odin as well.

    Dionysus – such a wicked choice…the rebel in me almost wants to go for it. I think, however, that siblings named after the goddess of love (some would say sex) and the god of wine (some would say debauchery) is just a wee bit over the line, even for me. I'm teetering though! This is definitely me teetering. If it weren't for the fact that you have other choices I'm already madly in love with, my better judgment could be in some serious trouble.

    Endymion (would rule out Eurydice) – Would you honestly be able to choose Eurydice over Endymion AND Orpheus? I can't imagine you would rule in favor of her, as it would mean giving up two of your favorite boys' names. Don't get me wrong, I love Eurydice, but her price is too high Endymion has been my number one since the beginning, and he's perfect for Imbolc with all those fluffy little lambs, the snowdrops and crocuses peeking up from under their white winter blankets…He's everything you want in a name: artistic, mythological, literary, evocative… and I love his dreamy gentle vibe, so unpretentious. Plus, Roo and Mio?? How cute! I neeeeeeeed to know there's a little Endymion in the world, lovie!

    Faramond – I'm the same way. I've never been as keen on Faramond as you are, but this time around I almost feel dismissive of him. I don't find him as memorable. Perhaps cousin Faramir has a fresher feel? But he would rule out Tinuviel…and we really can't have that.

    Isidore – I agree with PP, this name is too phonetically similar to Isadora/Isadore. I think he would be mistaken for a girl if someone just heard the name without meeting the child. Perhaps Isis as a middle on your girls' list.

    Lucius versus Leopold versus Lohengrin versus Lorengel – Eek! So many fabulous L names, how to choose? … … … Oh, who am I kidding, it's Lucius all the way. Lorengel is liquid and mystical and mysterious, and I love him as a middle for Endymion. Lohengrin sounds a little gear-head to me. Leopold is everything I picture when I think of the word "gentleman." But Lucius is LUCIUS. There's no comparison. In a quick battle royale between the –us's: Dionysus vs. Romulus vs. Orpheus vs. Lucius…it's still Lucius. He's crisp and soft and luscious, he's dark and rich, he's lantern light on the sparkling hush of snow, he's starfall and moonbeams, he's inkwells and parchment and the smell of leather bindings, he's flowing capes and compelling eyes, elegant and magnetic and absolute perfection. There is no name on your list more evocative, and I love him second only to Endymion.

    Orpheus (would rule out Eurydice) versus Oberon versus OdinEurydice is already out in favor of Endymion. I think both Oberon and Orpheus are better options than Odin…the latter feels flat next to Aphrodite, and they share too many sounds. I'm torn regarding Orpheus. He appears to be your favorite…but given my previous declaration of undying love for Lucius, I'm giving this one to Oberon. And I do love Oberon…he embodies the true face of the Fae, not the sparkly Disney Tinkerbell version. The Fae are fierce, alien creatures, infinitely beautiful and alluring, capricious, darkly mischievous, wildly sexy, this crazy combination of innocent and wicked. Oberon is more sedate than most in my mind, more human, but with all that fierce Faery nature pulsing under the surface. He gives me goosebumps.

    Rainier versus Romulus – I think Rainier needs to feature somewhere, whether first or middle, solely based on his intimate personal connection, let alone the host of other incredible associations. Perhaps Rainier could be this baby's Marian, given that he's a family name? I think Romulus could make a good first, but then he's competing with my beloved Lucius again. The wolfish dream is intriguing though. What does your Shaman say?

    So that leaves my final list as Endymion, Lucius, Rainier, Casimir, and Oberon, with Orpheus, Lorengel, Leopold, and Romulus as runners-up. My favorite combo at this point is Endymion Lucius Rainier – dreamy and crisp, star-studded and wintry…it's perfection. Aphrodite Marian Illyria and Endymion Lucius Rainier. Oh. My. Gosh.
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    Thanks my lovely ladies!

    Ren; yes, Ramsey is a fantastic nickname!

    Goodhope; I get what you're saying, but I don't think I agree with you. But that's okay! And of course I'm not offended! Unless you call me a selfish evil b*tch, I can handle it .

    Tucker; Guess I should've mentioned that my sister, parents and all my mother's family live in Norway? Everytime I'm over there and go to the cinema there's lots of Lohengrin chocs being purchased...

    Dina; Okay, I need to name my baby Endymion now. Too cute! And your absence will be missed, but I wish you the best wedding day with your gorgeous husband to be!!! Lots of hugs to you.

    Saracita; I mentioned the -us endings, but I'll do it again in case you don't see it: it's not that I don't want an -us ending, because I adore them! But four of the names end in -us! I need to eliminated some of them. That's all. And Orph is the Original -Us ! Thanks for all your comments, very helpful. I think Oberon is more sexy in sound and appearance as a name than Aphrodite. Aphrodite is quirky and weird, and beautiful too, but it's not oozing sexiness.

    Lex; hey, there's an idea! I'll just rename her again! Nah. Even if we've decided for now we'll only have one per first letter, you know us, were fickle and change our minds in a heartbeat! And I agree with your last paragraph... so right. You're a clever girl!!!

    Lois; I hear you. But I don't worry too much about the theme thing. I think the most important thing is to choose the names you love... I'm more concerned with finding the right middle names so their names in their entirety matches well. Thank you so much for those well written thoughts, it's so nice to get these in-depth comments to see how others think about them. I love how you talk about Casimir. I was thinking of maybe spelling it the Czech way, Kazimir?

    Zolg (I'm calling you this from now on); ah, what a maiden name! And not to be able to pronounce your own surname... well. You can spell it anyway!!!

    Sarah; Thanks! And I adressed the -us thing above !!

    Closcktower; Thanks!

    Saracita; Ah, you'd already seen my response. Okay, well, I reexplained it above and I'm too lazy to go up and fix that! I was thinking choosing two? Two with the same ending isn't too bad, I think.

    Zolg again; haha, yeah. I see what you mean. He's so much more to me though. Not all vino.

    Reverie; I know, right? Don't worry too much, we might change our minds down the road... Thanks for all your comments. I could probably use both Endymion and Eurydice, this is just me trying to narrow down!! I think we're moving Rainier to the middle, and it will be used. The O-names are tricky for me too... hmm.

    Sessha My Sessha; you posted while I posted! Okay. I'm leaning strongly towards Endymion because he's perfect for my little Imbaba (new nickname), and your thoughts on this are mine. I love how you talk about Oberon - that's how I feel!!!!!! And you're convincing me on Lucius again... he's a battle in my head. Aaaargh!!!! And Dionysus, I think I'll save this one. If I have subsequent boys, this one might fit better. It might be a tad over the mountaintop with these two in a row. Bt how could would Aphrodite, Dionysus and Circe be? Teehee... Shaman is still on holiday. Wandering in Crete. Without ways to get to him. I might kill him when he returns... thanks so so so much my darling!!!!

    Okay, so I narrowed it down a little bit more.

    Casimir or Kazimir (Husband is keen on the Czech version, and it's got a z)

    Rainier, Dionysus, Isidore and Odin moved to the middle.

    I can't choose between the o's, but that's okay for now. I've still got seven months, haha. We (I) would really like to have five combos set* before September, as we'll be super busy between then and Christmas (the big move), and after Christmas... it's almost baby time. And I need to sit with the names for a while.

    *set the otter way, which means I'll probably change my mind in October, and then December. Hopefully not in March or April though...
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    Otter- you got me before the wedding mania sets in-

    The more I picture it in my head, the more I love Endymion. Mio and Roo... delicious! Besides, my Spanish-speaking brain loves Mio as a nn as it means mine.

    Kazimir- love me some z's in a name.
    Lucius- well, you already know.

    Change your mind all you'd like! You always end up with a fabulously named little bebé, and I love helping you sort!
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    Here, have some more of my opinions.

    I like Casimir with a C/S better than a K/Z. The K version looks kind of villainous.
    Endymion is too cool. Definitely beats Eurydice for the E-name spot.
    Lucius I'm still meh about. Little brothers and I are at the part of HP where he's locked in Azkaban, though, so now's the chance for the name to grow on me!
    Oberon is my favorite! So commanding and majestic, with just the right amount of mischief and fun. It's perfect with Aphrodite.
    Orpheus is my other favorite. I can't choose either. I realize that this is unhelpful.
    Romulus is slightly above Lucius in my ranking of the -us names. Despite the obscurity of the name, it has a mundane sort of vibe to me.

    Oh, and I love Isidore! Possibly because it makes me think of delicious bread. It'll be great in the middle.
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    Endymion Lucius Rainier. Look no further. So lovely I'm falling unconscious and my eyes are crossing and my hair is turning permanently blue.

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