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    Casimir (although this would rule out Circe & Cleopatra) - I prefer Casimir over Circe and Cleopatra
    Dionysus - no
    Endymion (would rule out Eurydice) - Endymion
    Faramond - lovely, one of my faves
    Isidore - no
    Lucius versus Leopold versus Lohengrin versus Lorengel - Lucius
    Orpheus (would rule out Eurydice) versus Oberon versus Odin - both Orpheus and Odin over Oberon and Eurydice
    Rainier versus Romulus - Rainer
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    The 'F' is for my maiden name, which begins with an 'F' and is the name of a famous Disney movie (and American Idol winner). It's an EXTREMELY rare Italian surname.
    "Oh my god, her surname is F--?? Best surname ever!" Lol. According to my brother

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    Ahh! Thanks for clearing up the question about the -us endings. Well, it might make sense to take a side road and pick a favorite of those -us names. Though it wouldn't be bad if you had more than one -us ending, if they were mixed in with other names and not ALL the boys had that kind of name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    "Oh my god, her surname is F--?? Best surname ever!" Lol. According to my brother
    Lol... Yeah, I get that a lot. But I was glad to give it up, as the second reaction that I normally got was that it sounds like a stripper name when combined with my first name (there is actually a transvestite in Florida who gave himself my same first and maiden name... *sigh*). So be careful to take the last name into account. Perhaps something a tad less feminine (or more classic) for my first name would've balanced my surname a bit better.

    I'm voting against Dionysius... it's just so connected to drinking. And not that drinking is bad, but it does seem a tad strange on a 3 year old. I'm still hoping you go for a non-Greek name.
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    Oh, the not repeating first initials makes things sooo hard! Most my favorites seem to start with A, C, O, and R...

    I still love Casimir. He's just so princely and the nn Caz is really to die for. I do hate that it would rule out Circe and Cleopatra though. However, I personally think Circe is a better middle name and, while I think Cleopatra matches Aphrodite exquisitely, it seems like she might not be as meaningful to you. Therefore, Casimir wins the battle of the 'c's'.

    Dionysus - Cool guy, but not my favorite -us name. Plus, you have the matchy 'di' sound with Aphrodite, as somewhat mentioned.

    Endymion - Really, but Eur is a totally different sound from End! Grumble. Well, as much as I love Eurydice and her tale, she seems to be at odds with too many other jems. Therefore Endymion wins the 'e's'.

    Faramond - I kind of feel you on the not feeling it front. I definitely want you to use him, but he feels like he might be better suited for one of the younger children. He feels like a younger brother to me.

    Isidore - I like this, but he feels better placed in the middle. He's more grandpa revival than dashing and magical to me.

    Lucius - I like, but much prefer Orpheus and Romulus (and Leopold)

    Leopold - I'm starting to come around to this one. He may be a bit more familiar as a name, but he's still pretty impressive

    Lohengrin & Lorenel - Leopold wins the 'L's' for me.

    Orpheus, Oberon, & Odin - Oh, I don't want to pick! All three of these would be in my top five. If absolutely forced to select a winner, it would be Oberon, as that image is just too good to give up. Plus, it doesn't have an -us ending and he's not a major deity? I'm really grasping at straws for my reasons here...I love them all so. That said, I think Auberon/Oberon is just spectacular

    Rainier & Romulus - Rainier has long been a favorite of mine for you. However, Romulus is just too cool. If I pick Romulus, Rainier would move to the 'absolutely needs to be used' list for middle names (which would also include so many names I am sadly striking, such as Circe, Orpheus, etc.)

    Ok, top five (six), in order, with repeating initials: Oberon, Casimir, Romulus, Endymion, tie: Orpheus/Odin
    Now, top five (six), in order, without repeating initials: Oberon, Casimir, Romulus, Endymion, tie: Faramond/Leopold
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