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    Alrighty throw all your O names out of the window. Cause Oberon and Ophelia are the awesome-est. (Oberon wins out - now that Auberon is not an option). Screw Odin and Orpheus----- eek that was hard to say. You sure you don't want to rename Roo again with an O name and just have O- babies?
    Seriously though between Oberon and Odin and Orpheus it's a tough-y.

    I actually don't love Casimir - I prefer Cleopatra.
    Dionysus is a little ridiculous and oh, so perfect. Love that it made your list. I think it would make a killer mn.
    I think the L's are hard too I like Lucius, Leopold and Lohengrin.
    And Rainier has been on your list forever but I really prefer Romulous.

    Alright those were my two-cents.
    something to keep in mind.... remember that getting the spirit of your baba-duce is more important than worrying about using a male E name that will not allow you to use a female E name. i'd worry more about getting the name right and then if and when little trip-a-do comes around you can decide wether to use that E name as a mn or not at all.
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    Sad to see Archimedes come and go so soon, but I guess I can understand. I wouldn't repeat first initials myself...still a good option for a mn!

    Of the updated list, my preference overall is strongly for those that feel manly, strong, and NOT themey with Aphrodite (ie, no Greek gods, maybe no Greek at all). I like what a PP said about how in some way, putting Dionysus with Aphrodite actually just diminishes them both. I think you need strong, unexpected names that feel distinct enough to hold their own. BTW, if you are planning to have a few more kids, I think Greeks and Greeks gods could come up again later. But, it's just, if you use another one right away now, it will feel themey...However, if you have an Aphrodite, a Casimir, a Leopold, and then an Orpheus, it works better for me.

    Casimir is still the king. Your description is spot on. I love that it's eastern European. It's surprising, unexpected but not weird, strong, beautiful, sexy....what is not to like? Definitely can wield a sword AND wear a fur-trimmed cape. Does feel wintery somehow, as well. And, personally, I love a lot more than Circe or Cleopatra, so ruling out those isn't a problem for me.

    Rainier for similar reasons. It has a similar feeling/ending sound that is very pleasing. With the added bonus that you have a lot of personal meaning connected to the name, which puts it over the top to me. I guess Romulus also has personal significance for you, and I like it, but I prefer Rainier. Maybe Romulus..Rom...feels too close to Roo?

    Odin vs. Orpheus vs. I like Odin most of all. I love that it's short but strong enough to hold it's own. Love the Norse myth factor, prevents it from feeling God-themey because it's so distinct in culture, language, length, sound...I do like Oberon and I think there's nothing wrong with naming a baby a sexy name. He's going to be an adult for much more of his life than he will be a baby. But if you like Orpheus most of all and don't want to rule it out by using an O now...maybe best to shelve all these O options for a future baby? Again, somehow it seems much better to me to use Orpheus a few kids down the line, to prevent a too-obvious Greek myth theme here at the beginning of your family.

    L options: Still love Leopold. I think its also in that sweet spot of holding its own in manliness, historical sense, strength...while being very distinct. Still don't love Lucius and fine it rather boring in relation to your other options. (With or without Malfoy reference, really.) I kind of like Lohengrin, but it feels awkward for use in real life. Lots of pronunciation issues? I wouldn't worry about the chocolate, though, personally. Lorengel doesn't do anything for me, and, yes, feels too prissy.

    Endymion is the only Greek name that doesn't feel too themey with Aphrodite to me. You're right, there is something less in-your-face about it, and I think that makes it work. This has really been growing on me since I first saw it. I love the nn Mio. I like the sounds and ending are a bit different. It still doesn't hit me as strongly as Casimir or Rainier, but I like it.

    Faramond: maybe shelve for later? I'm with you in feeling like I SHOULD like this a lot--distinct sound, good reference--but something about it feels uninspiring. You can too many awesome options to keep one that just feels okay for now. Maybe it will feel more fun in a few years.
    Isidore: I like in theory, but feels too close to all the Isabelle/Isadora/Isabeau/etc that are popular right now for girls. Keep for later and see if it feels fresher then.
    Dionysus: Already said above: too Greek, too major god, too themey. Plus, I don't personally adore.

    Also, I was looking up Herne and getting more sold on it...still too much for a first, but I'm really like it for a mn now!

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    "Thanks again guys; tfzolghadr (if I ever wanted to know someone's name it's yours!)"

    My first name is quite unfortunate in my opinion. I'm not quite sure what my mom was thinking at the time, but my first name begins with a 'T' and is the name of a jewelry store. Perhaps that's what got me interested in names... my strong dislike of my own. :P The 'F' is for my maiden name, which begins with an 'F' and is the name of a famous Disney movie (and American Idol winner). It's an EXTREMELY rare Italian surname. The surname (Zolgh@dr) is from the Azeri-Iranian husband... and he just told me last night that I still can't properly pronounce it. *sigh* To not be able to pronounce one's name... globalization at its finest.
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    The best three are Lucius, Oberon and Romulus, with Lucius still my favourite! May I ask what's wrong with the -us ending?
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    I'm coming back to respond later, but I just wanted to clear this up: Nothing wrong with the -us ending, I love it, but half my list has -us endings! Lucius, Romulus, Orpheus. Dionysus. Too many! And I like to think ahead, as I want like four more children after this one, I need to choose the name carefully. I can't have four sons with -us endings. Or, I can, but I think it'd sound stupid...
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