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    What about Leonius? Also do you know if your having a boy or a girl yet?

    Edit: i just realised that the name i use on here is quite similar to this name.... that hadn't occured to me before! anyway i don't actually use this name at all in real life.
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    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    girls reserve list - Lucia(loo-see-a) - Orla -Kitty (katherine) - Iris - Celia - Ilona(ee-low-na)

    boys RL - Caspar - Tristan - Rowan - Charles (not charlie)

    Note: Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.

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    Ok, so out of those not yet nixed...
    Lucius- Just sounds evil, and a bit too Harry Potter. However, this could be a cool mn.
    Orpheus- Very Matrix, but kind of cool.
    Romulus- Very Star Trek due to the Romulans. I'd much prefer Remus.
    Endymion- Not a fan... it's quite long, and the first 2 syllables are quite close to 'undies'... could be an awesome mn, though.
    Herne- Hernia. Please no...
    Odin- I have to admit that I'd love to meet a little Odin. I also like that it naturally fits with Aphrodite, while still being a bit unexpected (moving geographically).
    Casimir- Amazingly awesome name. I don't see it as the predictable choice to match Aphrodite, so it keeps things interesting. To me, this totally sounds like a hip, indie, rockstar sort of a name... but in an intelligent way...
    Rainier- Very distinguished without coming across as pretentious, as Faramond and Leopold seem to me...
    Faramond- Too much.
    Leopold- Pretentious.

    1. Aphrodite and Casimir... it doesn't get cooler than this.
    2. Aphrodite and Odin... both very strong names that match...
    3. Aphrodite and Rainier... not matchy, which could be a good thing.
    4. Aphrodite and Orpheus... quite matchy to me, but both really interesting, cool names...
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    Leopold Romulus and Lucius Odin make my heart swoon.
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    Hmmm. Have I mentioned recently how much I love watching your lists evolve?

    Of what's left (and I feel like you've made good cuts) I'm loving Casimir in particular. I just feel like it's stately and adventurous at the same time. It's totally unexpected with Aphrodite, but I think it fits well all the same. Little Roo and Caz. I do still love Faramond for you, just maybe for another little one.
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    Thanks again guys; tfzolghadr (if I ever wanted to know someone's name it's yours!); thanks for your comments. And Tara, how sweet. Roo & Caz would be cute!

    Update from The Crazy People:

    We've decided we don't want repeating first initials. So we've done a BIG edit, lost some, gained some, the usual we're-going-to-drive-you-insane stuff.

    A's out because of Aphrodite.

    Casimir (although this would rule out Circe & Cleopatra)
    Endymion (would rule out Eurydice)
    Lucius versus Leopold versus Lohengrin versus Lorengel
    Orpheus (would rule out Eurydice) versus Oberon versus Odin
    Rainier versus Romulus

    I will say some pluses and minuses, but don't weigh too much on my words; I love them all or they wouldn't have been on my list. If I'd been sure about any of them I would've told you so.

    Casimir: I really like this, and it looks like it's a big favourite here, it's got the royal eastern European thing, feels very sexy and artistic and like someone who could wield a sword.

    Dionysus: New, and is of course a major God. He's one of my favourites, and the name is soft and gorgeous and intriguing. But it's got that -us ending.

    Endymion; First love, feels like winter, Greek mythology, but not that in your face. One of my favourite myths, and it's got a decent amount of art to back it up.

    Faramond: For some reason this one doesn't do it for me this time around, so I either need some persuasion or just nix it. The reasons I'm keeping it at the moment are that it's beautiful, calm, it doesn't clash with any of the other names. The reason I don't like it is that it's simply no fun.

    Isidore: Gift of Isis. It's spectacular and handsome and sweet. I don't know if I could give a daughter the first name Isis (I'd have to name a future daughter Freyja), so this seems like a great compromise. I love the sound.

    Lucius: Feels like mystical twilight, and is yet sweet and delicious. A name with a solid history, I also like the Malfoy reference. But... it's got that -us ending.

    Leopold: All bouncy happiness and knightly all the same. Is very different from the other names, but I wonder if it's too different? There's no drama...

    Lohengrin: Sexy and smouldering, Arthurian and gorgeous. A distinct sound from the rest. However, there's a chocolate named this in Norway very popular with the 60+.

    Lorengel: Sweet and romantic and Arthurian. And it's different. But i wonder if it's too prissy.

    Orpheus: Okay, this is my one true love. But, and this is the big one; if I give this to a child, I will feel like no other name would ever be good enough for other little lads. I love the name, love it, the myth, the paintings, Rainer Maria Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus... oh. "We need not be troubled with other names". It also gives me a very spring/summer like feeling.

    Oberon: The Faerie King, sex on a stick (sorry), is it wrong to give your child a name so obviously delicious and adult?

    Odin: Awesome God, seriously, Odin rocks. One eye, ravens, and it'd be a solid nod to my mother's side. But very short. It's got oomph and panache though, so hold his own.

    Rainier: My beloved grandfather, Rainer Maria Rilke, the beautiful mountain I've not seen in real life, but from what I've seen in photos it's spectacular. Kind of (but not really) connected to the Hyades. It's sound is different from all the others, but I can't help but feel this might be better as a middle.

    Romulus: Roma is one of my favourite cities. I love Italy in general, and this would be a nod to that. I also adore wolfs, and my recurring pregnancy dream is about wolves. But... -us ending.

    Off to do the girls!
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