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    So sad to so Auberon/Oberon go.

    Five Favorites:
    Endymion - I love he's still on your top list. He has been for so long he'd be the perfect little knight for you.
    Leopold - on my top list as well. nn Poe might be cute. (I'm not loving Leo right now).
    Orpheus - super fun and so underused. pretty stunning. a little too greek for my loving.
    Odin - my favorite for you. I love that it's a norse mythology name.
    Romulus - see Orpheus. without the greek-ness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Gwen; You're welcome ! And my heart flutters... Seriously Copernicus? Whoa! Now to business; Mr. Jason Oh So Dashing Isaacs can't ruin everything. Am I the only one who sided with Captain Hook in that Peter Pan movie? And, honestly, I don't think Lucius Malfoy's that bad?
    Copernicus and Archimedes have a very short, boring last name and a very cool father. They were Archie and Nick until college, when it was suddenly cool to be Archimedes and Copernicus. Although they did go to the British international school in DC before that-- I'm a bit surprised it wasn't more acceptable there.

    As for Jason Isaacs...I just read my brothers Order of the Phoenix, and Mr. M is pretty dastardly in that one, so that's been coloring my opinion of Lucius. Later, when he's washed up, I suppose he does get a bit better.

    And you should keep Oberon! Personally, I think it holds its own next to Aphrodite best. And it sounds so cool and likeable.
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    Thanks guys!

    Aurora; thanks for the comments! Candles in the snow, swoon!!! Lucius is pretty perfect, especially for a winter child. I'm glad you like Romulus, it's starting to become one of my absolute favourites.

    Ren; haha, yeah! I actually really like Periwinkle and Ezra too...

    Lex; Autumn baby! I'm saving Auberon... I much prefer this spelling, although Oberon is growing on me. I love your little top 5!!!

    Gwen; well, lots of things aren't cool when you're 15. But I'm glad they came around to their names! Wohooo, dashing delux!

    I'm trying to organise some thoughts, if I get them sorted I might do some updates later, or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone!!
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    Of your edited choices, I like...

    Leopold (although this one is the most 'blah' of your choices, it's just so charming!)

    Of the 'maybe middles', I prefer...

    Melchior and Perseus and even though it's not nixed yet, Odin sounds middle name territory to me.

    (Also, I think my boyfriend would love to steal all of these names, they are EXACTLY his taste!)
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    My favorite now is Casimir. He seems like a well-dressed gent in a velvet-lined cloak, out in the woods on a crisp snowy day, in search of adventure and fortune!

    I also like the idea of Aphrodite and Faramond, but Faramond somehow seems too golden and green and summery for a February fellow.

    And then there's still Rainier. So dashing!

    I'm sorry to see Darius go, but Casimir is more winter and woods and velvet anyway!

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