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    Thanks for always making such fun lists. I'm having way more fun than I should be while flopping around on the couch.

    I'd keep:

    Auberon/Oberon (I much prefer Oberon. It has more cool factor.)
    Archimedes - I know an Archimedes! He wears it fantastically. His brother, my childhood sweetheart, is named Copernicus.

    I'd definitely drop:

    Lucius, because while I love the character from Titus Andronicus, nobody plays villains like Jason Isaacs and he's ruined the name for a lot of people.
    Herne, because all I can see is 'hernia'
    Attila, because I think a twenty-first century male child would have a rough time with it. And there's the repeating first initial thing.

    I'm also not a fan of Rainier, but that's just a personal preference.
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    The entire list is wonderful. Here are my top five and a couple of others in no particular order.

    Auberon/Oberon - This just feels right with Aphrodite and is glorious on its own
    Endymion - Its sound, its background, and its nickname - you would think it would be hard to find something as good or better but you have an entire list!
    Casimir - I really wasn't sure at first but it seems to be getting better with repetition. A good sign for a name to last
    Rainier - The world needs more Rainiers. I l-o-v-e it.
    Leopold - Why is it here? I'm not sure but for some reason it made my little heart flutter.

    Darius & Lucius - I like them both so much but the others are just so much more.

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    If I had to pick two from each "category", I would go with:

    Perseus and Romulus

    Oberon and Odin

    Casimir and Rainier (though I love Melchior as well! All 3 are great.)

    Leopold and Archimedes (though I do not think Archimedes is workable… maybe?)

    I am a fan of Perseus, Romulus, Casimir, Rainier, and Leopold. Hope that helps. You have a very interesting taste in names - I wish you the best of luck in narrowing it down! You have some great names here!

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    Darius- not a fan at all.
    Lucius-The name itself means light, but too many people correspond the name with evil. (Similar to Lucifer.)
    Orpheus- Eh
    Perseus- Absolutely! By far my favorite name on your list!
    Romulus- I kind of dig this one too.

    Auberon/Oberon- First spelling is better, but not a fan of either
    Endymion-Not my favorite
    Herne- Hernia?
    Odin- Like this one!

    Casimir -Ooh! Another good one!
    Melchior- Love!
    Rainier- Cute

    Archimedes- Another love! Archie for short?
    Attila- Feminine?
    Faramond- Not sure about this one
    Leopold- Great pick!

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    My Favorites:

    One I think you could drop:
    Attila: I kept thinking of Attila the Hun. (Though, I CAN picture this on a baby for some reason) I just can't picture it on a grown man, that isn't a Hun, that is :P

    Again, I LOVE Aphrodite with Endymion, but also:
    Aphrodite & Auberon
    Aphrodite & Orpheus
    Aphrodite & Casimir
    Aphrodite & Faramond
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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