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    If LoLo's a Bonny Lad - Attempt No. 3

    Here we go. I've been through the lists and what did I find? Almost all the names has -us or -n endings, with a few -r's thrown in here and there! So some names fell off easier than I thought... This is our newish list, most of them are from the other one - no need to comment on these - but some is one new (suggested by one of you), one I had forgotten to add and one HE finally came around to. This should be 16 names (if I counted correctly), I'd like help to narrow them down to 5-10 so I can do some more intensive thinking on each of them. So let's play, you know, if you want to.


    Darius (nixed)
    Perseus (nixed, maybe middle)

    Auberon/Oberon (saving for future not yet made baby)

    Melchior (nixed, maybe middle)

    Archimedes (nixed, middle)
    Attila (nixed)
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    Just like with the niñas... My top five in order

    Rainer - still love it. It's amazing. I'd use it myself if I didn't know one.
    Perseus - I'd call him Percy, I think this is another great option.
    Lucius- love Lu names. This is a great one
    Endymion- I think this one stands up well with Aphrodite
    Leopold- love the idea of a Roo and Leo running through a forest behind a big old English country house.

    Was so excited for an update. Thanks for the table seating distraction!
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    renrose Guest

    Casimir is still my favourite Aphrodite and Casimir together make me think of wispy clouds, sunsets over seaside canals, gulls, incense, coloured glass, soft rugs, whispers and spice. Aphy and Miro... Aphy and Cass...*

    I quite like Archimedes too - it was the name of one of my rats, he went by Archie - but I'm not sure how well I like it with Aphrodite.

    * Note. Could be because of Ayella and Cash that I like those two together. They're not a million worlds apart in sound! Lol.
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    My personal favorite is Auberon/Oberon. I think it matches the strength, length, originality (of the name actually being given to a small child nowadays), and history of Aphrodite. I think it has cute nn potentials, and it paints an immediate, likeable visual picture, much like Aphrodite.
    Endymion I like, too, but no picture pops into my head. And it looks slightly medical - endometriosis, etc..
    Herne I honestly don't know how to pronounce, and Odin makes me think Canine, but I think that is because I've known so many canines named Odin. I think the name is strong and fine, though, but maybe not elaborate enough to pair with Aphrodite, imo.
    Darius and Lucius seem like 'normal' names to me. In my kids' schools there are countless, countless Lucy's, Lucia's, Lucca's, Luc's, Lucas', and Darius I've heard more than you might think. So they don't seem like the most intuitive matches with Aphrodite to me.
    Orpheus - I hear Orifice. Sorry
    Perseus and Romulus I both like, although I know a man named Percy and he is forever lamenting his name. Romulus seems like a great fit with Aphrodite to me, and I like how they both contain Ro. Roo and Romy seems adorable.
    Casimir, Melchior, and Rainier - well, I love all of them. One of my sons' middle names is Rainier, so I am partial to that, but I think they all sound worldly, unusual, masculine, and intriguing.
    Archimedes I love, too, and think it pairs well with Aphrodite. However, the Arch names are (or will be) quite popular, I think, so that is something to ponder.
    Attila - I only see negatives, here, I'm afraid. Besides which the girl name Tilly is all the rage now, and with the A ending it just doesn't sound that masculine to me.
    Faramond I like in essence, but the first part Fara unsettles me. This is because my husband's name is Damon and there are NO nicknames except Dame which spring forth unbidden, and Dame of course means 'woman' which is not what I want to be yelling down the street when beckoning my husband. Maybe that is a personal quirk, but the Fara just throws me off. Besides which if you shorten it to just the first syllable you get 'Fair' which feels like the same problem as Damon, to me.

    Good luck! These are interesting, fun, and challenging names to contemplate. I have no doubt whatever you pick will be fabulous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mousehouse7 View Post
    Besides which if you shorten it to just the first syllable you get 'Fair' which feels like the same problem as Damon, to me.
    Not here Faramond is 'FAH-ra-mond'. I get what you mean though. I'd nickname a Faramond Ram, Ramsey, Ramkin... something like that. Saying Roo and Ramsey makes me happy.
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