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    Almost all are fun and exciting, but since you are trying to narrow down...

    Odin (Does repeat the God theme. But love the Scandinavianness of it, how it's so short and succinct in contrast to Aphrodite.)
    Casimir (Sounds so pleasing with Aphrodite to me.)
    Rainier (Still adore.)
    Archimedes (LOVE!!! Maybe my favorite of all. Despite the repeated A first initial with Aphrodite. It's just so good. Is this new since the last list? Don't remember it. The "dees" ending is so unusual and pleasing. And Arc or Archie are nn options)
    Leopold (though I haven't forgotten Leonides and maybe still prefer that! But Leopold is lovely, too. Only, slightly too close to Leopard? Not a bad association though.)
    Endymion (Almost put this in the Indifferent category, but decided it was too good.)

    Herne (Hernia! And it's just so abrupt. Maybe also because it sounds like a common word in a language I know, it sounds too word-like to me, not like a real name.)
    Attila (The Hun reference is just too much for anyone to live with. And it's not worth the repeated A like Archimedes is. Also, as someone mentioned, similar sound to Tilly/Tilda that is common now for girls.)
    Melchior (Just not a beautiful sound to me. Maybe I don't know how to pronounce it? Don't like nn Mel for a boy either. Also, I see it and think "Belcher" like "one who belches.")
    Lucius (Too common for you. Too Malfoy. Too close to Luscious. I don't know, I just don't like it in general, to be honest.)
    Orpheus (Too close to "orifice", as someone else mentioned. Otherwise I like it, but feels awkward because of that.)

    Perseus (Love, but for some reason kind of hate obvious nn of Percy. But that's just a personal thing. Also, it sounds rather similar to "purses" which could be awkward. I still love it in theory though.)
    Darius (Like, but maybe will sound too common and not so much Persian-king-like to many people? Maybe not for you in the UK.)
    Oberon (Prefer this spelling to Auberon. But somehow it doesn't role off the tongue for me and the Obi nn is awkward?)
    Romulus (Meh. Doesn't strike me either way.)
    Faramond (Love the character. But feel like the pronounciation is not super intuitive somehow. Not sure what nns will spring out.. IDK, don't love, for whatever reason.)

    Hope that helps!

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    Top five in order
    Auberon - this just feels so perfect to me. I wouldn't worry about the matching initials, as the sound is more important than the letter in my opinion. If you like this spelling better, use it. I like both spellings, but this one feels a bit more stately
    Casimir - It has a similar feel to me as Auberon, but a bit smokier and more mysterious
    Romulus - really does feel like an excellent match with Aphrodite. It's name I brushed off in the beginning, but is winning me over like mad
    Endymion - It's just too hard to take this one off the list. So very dreamy.
    Rainier or Orpheus - Ok, I couldn't decide between these two. They're soo different, but both work so well and give off such a great image.

    Atila might be battling for that fifth spot too, but the similarity between it and your own name (even if you don't always use it) is keeping it out of my top five. Ok, so I wrote that list and kept thinking, but I love this one too, and this one! It's hard to resist the temptation of just making five 2-3 way ties. Odin and Faramond should really be up there . I ultimately left Darius, Lucius, Perseus, Herne, and Leopold off, as they don't give off the same magnificence (to me!) as Aphrodite. Still love them though. I'm iffy about the religious associations with Melchoir and I need more time to think about Archimedes - the image of the ancient scientist is quite strong.
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    My favourites are Perseus, Endymion, Odin, Melchior, and Leopold. I have Odin on my top five, and I think it's a great match with Aphrodite. Aphrodite & Odin. Looking good, doesn't it? My second choice would be Leopold. I like the fact that Leopold is a strong name and share some sounds with Aphrodite. I vote for either Aphrodite & Odin, or Aphrodite & Leopold.

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    The more I kick these names around, the more I love Faramond and Auberon for you. They just seem really representative of your style as a whole, while staying in completely wearable territory. I like the spelling Auberon better, but like Oberon for as an easy path to Obie.

    Am I the only one who immediately thinks "Melkor" when seeing Melchior? It has a badass sound, but I can't decide if it's *too* bad. :chin scratch:
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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    But of course He was a darling!
    Of course he was! Here's an idea, my friend, why don't you tell me all your rat pets names and I can just pick one of those?

    Elkey, thank you so much! Your words make me happy!

    Sessha; thank you my dear for taking the time to comment, even though you're heading out. What a wonderful girl. Endymion will never be bumped to the middle spot, I need my little Mio. Definitely a front runner this time, together with some others. You make some valid points... maybe I should just move Auberon off and wait for my autumn babe. The list is fab, thanks sweetie!

    Fluz; pinch away! Oberon needs to be more used. I thought Ron was the nickname I'd use, it ties nicely to one of my favourite HP characters.

    Bonfire!!!; fabulous imagery, and love the top ten! Heart flutters...

    Amy; yeah I'll let you know. What do you think about Endymion Peter Winterson? My combo of the day

    Irms; thanks for that very very through post! Whoa. Very helpful indeed... I agree with Ren below though, we say DAH-ree-us over here!

    Lois; Archie is indeed new, suggested by Miss Dantea. Thanks for all your comments and thoughts!

    Reverie; haha, I laughed a lot at your comments. You're funny! I agree with a lot of what you say. Thanks!

    Svea; I like Aphrodite & Odin too. They've both got panache!

    Tara; I like those two too Thank you!

    ....and a BIG velvety blanket thanks to all the rest!

    So I'm thinking we've nixed Darius, Perseus (middle?), Melchior and Attila. I'm on the fence about Auberon/Oberon, if we keep it it will be the latter. Archimedes might be moved to the middle, simply because I worry it would rule out Circe for a daughter (because of length). I've got some more thought, but will add later or tomorrow!!
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