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    Love your naming style! This is fun! From favorites to least favorites (Picking 5-10)..... and keeping in mind which would compliment Aphrodite's name...

    1) Aphrodite and Romulus- has that romantic yet powerful feeling like Aphrodite. I just love it.
    2) Aphrodite and Odin- Short yet strong IMO and can stand up to Aphrodite. Plus I have always loved this name!
    3)Aphrodite and Lucius- I think of the Roman era and feel they compliment each other quite well. Even though Aphrodite is Greek mythology.
    4) Aphrodite and Oberon- I like Oberon spelling better since Aphodite's name starts with A. But I love how this name means Noble.
    5) Aphrodite and Rainier- Not bad but not my favorite. I just feel like it falls short and you have better names on your list.
    6) Aphrodite and Leopold- This is going to sound totally weird but whenever I see and say this name I think of a short little war commander like Napoleon. Totally turns me off.
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    In order of preference:


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    Endymion Lucius Rainier!!! Literally swooning over here! I simply love it and am tempted to never make any more suggestions ever and let this be the ultimate winning champion combo of the unborn baby boy universe... Except that I am also very interested in what your Shaman will say about the wolf dream and if it's at all tied to Rom. Haha. Keep us posted! =]
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    I boldened my favorite in every section.

    Darius: (meaning: protector) I hear "Dairy-us" which is maybe why I think of milk when I hear it. I don't think it's as strong as Aphrodite.
    Lucius: (meaning: light) I immediately think of Harry Potter. I think the name is getting more popular as many families forgo a daughter named Lucy for a son Lucius. Luc is also a very common beginning like Luca, Lucas. I fear the -ius ending is getting more popular to.
    Orpheus: (meaning: the darkness of night: according to behindthename) I like his story a lot, although it's very sad. Orpheus reminds me of orifice. Orpheus, again according to behindthename, is pronounced: AWR-fee-əs. I don't think many people will adhere to that pronounciation. I think Orpheus could match Aphrodite very well. I feel darkness when I see and say the name. He'd make a great twin for a Circe.
    Perseus (meaning: to destroy: from behindthename) Would you give the nn. Percy? It feels too common with Aphrodite.
    Romulus (meaning: of Rome) At first I couldn't see the appeal. It contains "mule" and rhymes with "mucus". There is something undeniably attractive about Romulus. I could most definitively see him as Aphrodite's little brother.

    Auberon/Oberon (meaning: elf power: from behindthename) I love the rich history and the literary connection. I prefer Oberon to Auberon. Auberon reminds me aubergine.
    Endymion (meaning: to dive into, to enter:behindthename). I have a hard time seeing Endymion, but I could imagine him as Aphrodite's little brother. You could use the nn. Dymi or Dymio.
    Herne: Knowing German, I know how to pronounce Herne, but I doubt others will. It also feels very German compared to Aphrodite. I think most people will think of a "hernia". It feels rather short next to Roo's long name. All that said, I really like the "Herne the Hunter" story. I think most people will pronounce it: her-knee. Some people may believe it to be a misspelling of Henry.
    Odin: (meaning: inspiration,rage,frenzy: from behindthename): Feels rather short next to Aphrodite. He may be able to keep up as they are both Gods.

    Casimir: (meaning: announcing peace): ADORE! It feels perfect for you. Feels: woodsy, spices, kind and heroic. I really don't know to tell you how perfect this name feels with Aphrodite.
    Melchior: (meaning: city of the king): I've always had trouble spelling it. I would write: Mel-choir. I think Mel is rather feminine. Perhaps you like the name, because of Melusine. Melchior doesn't feel right next to Aphrodite. What nn. would you use?
    Rainier (meaning: wise army): I'm considering this name for a future son of my own. It's always felt distinctly German to me. I'm not sure how it fares next to Aphrodite, but I do adore this name for you.

    Archimedes (meaning: master of thought: from behindthename): It reminds me of Arachnaphobia for no good reason. You could use the nn. Chim. It feels long and heavy. It doesn't share the lightness of Aphrodite to me. I do like the meaning of the name. I think if you go with Archimedes then you almost have to go with longer names as it contains 10 letters and feels long. I'm afraid that could rule out some of your favorite girl names.
    Attila (meaning: little father): Reminds me of "the hun". I think it's a more unique version of Atticus, but many people have the hun connection. I don't really like it. It has the commonly female -a ending.
    Faramond (meaning: journey protection: from behindthename): Love this with Aphrodite. May remind some of pheromones.
    Leopold: (meaning: brave people): I really like Leopold, but it feels to common next to Aphrodite.

    Personally, I would rule out A names because if you have a third child, what would you do then? Would you continue with the A theme or break it? I think that you could vowel names as you seem to like many of them (Odin, Endymion, Oberon), but then the world may possibly miss out on dear little Circe.


    Sorry for the length and possible confusion.

    I really like Casimir Odin Rainier E. Nn. Core.
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    Quote Originally Posted by irmgard+theodorian View Post
    Darius: (meaning: protector) I hear "Dairy-us" which is maybe why I think of milk when I hear it.
    We say Darius as 'DAH-ree-us' here. No cow sheds involved

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