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    Pick which name out of our list that you like best...

    We have two names we want to use and that are special to us. We are working now on how to make this name work. Lydia and Atalaya (pronounced like Maya, its a Latin name) are the two names that are set. We are open to suggestions on the second middle.
    Here is the list of names we are looking at.

    Lydia Atalaya Cotton
    Lydia Jane Atalaya Cotton
    Atalaya Lydia Jane Cotton

    Lydia Eve Atalaya Cotton
    Atalaya Lydia Eve Cotton

    Atalaya Lydia Frances Cotton
    Lydia Frances Atalaya Cotton
    Lydia Atalaya Frances Cotton

    My favorites are Atalaya Lydia Jane Cotton

    I also like Atalaya Lydia Eve Cotton but am open to any of these names and I know the flow of the name is important

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    I like Lydia Atalaya Cotton the best. It just seems more simple.
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    I think that Lydia would be best for the first name. It's cool and fashionable and easy to say (Atalaya is a richly lovely name but many could find it hard to pronounce or write out). I like Lydia Atalaya Cotton, it's short and sweet. But if you want to have two middle names my favorites are Lydia Atalaya Frances and Lydia Jane Atalaya.

    Hope this helped you guys out!

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    These are my favorites from your list:

    Atalaya Lydia Jane Cotton
    Atalaya Lydia Frances Cotton

    Lydia Frances Atalaya Cotton
    Lydia Jane Atalaya Cotton

    Good luck!
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    My favourite is Atalaya Lydia Jane Cotton too.
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