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    Grace: religious connotations?

    When you hear the name Grace, do you automatically make religious associations to it?

    We really like the name but are in no way religious- we like it simply for the sound of the name. Is it so common now it could be used simply because it's a nice-sounding name?

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    Not really- I think of a girl I knew in Kindergarten who always had a runny nose (who was named Grace, nicknamed Gracie,) followed by Amazing Grace. If you love it than you should use it.

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    No religious connotations come to mind for me, but then, I'm not a religious person. Everyone has a different image/connection for every name, I think. For me, Grace just sounds, well, Graceful

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    I think names such as Grace and Faith have become so common place that people no longer automatically associate them with religion. I know people who were given the name Grace for religious reasons but I also know just as many that were given the name just because the parents liked the sound.

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    It's my grandmother's name, so I more think of my grandmother, and how utterly amazing she is. But she is very religious, so I think that's another reason why I love Grace for a future daughter of mine, it makes me think of this amazing woman and what truly matters to her (and me). But the religious part is an undertone--I really don't think of it outright, and I don't think anyone would assume you were a religious freak if you named your daughter Grace. It's a beautiful name.
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