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    Thanks for the help!! For Reya, it's pronounced Raya! I'm not a fan of Rhea (ree a).

    I am hoping it's a girl because I LOVE the name Reya My sister is actually pregnant with a baby boy and she's going to name him Jude. I think Greyson Jude is precious but it's taken. I also love the name Archer. Thanks for all the help, some of those names are great! Do you guys think Greyson Archer works? .
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    It sounds better if all parts of the name had a varied syllable count. If you go for Greyson, you could chose a one or three syllable middle name. Also, it would be great to know what's the last name's first initial since you don't want to spell anything.

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    I love, love, love Grey, but Greyson has always seemed feminine to me. I love Grey Atticus or Atticus Grey.

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