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    Please help with baby boy name advice. Greyson!

    I am searching for names for our 4th baby and need help! We have a Sophia Kristine, Landon Scott, and Ava Alexandra. We don't know the sex of the baby yet but I am going ahead and trying to find both a boys and girls name we love. For the girl, we have both agreed to Reya. We are still searching for a middle name for that one so please feel free to make suggestions! For a boy we like Greyson. My husband likes the name Atticus so Greyson Atticus is a possibility. I loved the sound of Noah Greyson but do not want an overused name! I am firm on using Reya and Greyson, any suggestions of some other possibilities that will go with those names? Thanks so much!

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    Greyson Atticus is an awesome name! Here are a few other suggestions for Greyson:

    Greyson James
    Greyson Jude
    Greyson James
    Greyson Alaric
    Greyson Samuel
    Greyson Adler
    Greyson Elias
    Greyson Ezra
    Greyson Ellis
    Greyson Chandler
    Greyson Jace
    Greyson Isaiah

    For Reya (Which is also beautiful)

    Reya Madeline
    Reya Marie
    Reya Anneliese
    Reya Josephine
    Reya Juliette
    Reya Elise
    Reya Caroline
    Reya Claire
    Reya Emmaline
    Reya Adeline
    Reya Hope
    Reya Grace
    Reya Harper

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    I love Greyson. It was on my list to honor my dad but my best friend has a little boy called Grey so now it's not. I think Greyson Atticus sounds wonderful and fits well with your other kids names.
    Reya is cute. I've never come across it before. I know a Rhea (Ree-ahh), is it a variation? In my head I'm pronouncing it Ray-ah which I really like.
    So other possibilitys for both names:
    Greyson George
    Greyson Augustus
    Greyson Talisin
    Actually I think Greyson Atticus is the best of the lot!

    As for Reya:
    Reya Elizabetha
    Reya Caroline
    Reya Delphine
    Reya Amoret
    Reya Joy
    Reya Lucille


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    I think Greyson Atticus has a nice ring to it. I also like other posters' suggestions of Elias and Jude. I'm only going to point this out because you specifically stated that you won't use Noah because you don't want an overused name. Did you know that Grayson is #85 right now, and that your spelling Greyson is #174? Throw in the Graydon, Greydon, Gray, Grey crowd, and there are lots of little Gray/Greys running around these days. It's a perfectly wonderful name, I just wouldn't want you to be surprised when you start running into them everywhere. I personally know at least 8, and I don't work in childcare or anything.
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    I'm going to have to say that I'm not a fan of Greyson Atticus.....the 's' sound is just too prevalent for my taste. Kristine, Scott and Alexandra are all fairly familiar names....almost 1960' what about:

    Greyson Geoffrey
    Greyson Charles
    Greyson Timothy
    Greyson Victor
    Greyson Wesley
    Greyson Kyle

    I love Reya. I'd consider:

    Reya Elizabeth
    Reya Suzanne
    Reya Caroline
    Reya Claire
    Reya Cathleen

    Congratulations and good luck!
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