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    Is this cute or stupid?

    Hello everyone- My hubby and I are thinking about a second child (already have a boy). Our last name is Katz and we really LOVE the name Felix for another boy. The possible dilemma...does Felix Katz sound too reminiscent of Felix the Cat. Would this be cute/clever or do I risk people making fun of the name? Please be honest! Thanks!

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    You will likely get a few people asking, "Like Felix the Cat?", but I don't know if it's a reference a lot of people would know these days, much less your child's future classmates. As far as I can see from Wikipedia, Felix the Cat hasn't been on TV for decades. I don't think it's unusable, plus I love the name Felix!
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    Many individuals already have a strong association of the name Felix with the cartoon cat (I think of the the saint or composer before the cat but that's just me. I'm afraid Felix Katz would just increase this image in people's minds so personally I would give it a pass. The name doesn't flow very well with your surname anyway (x and z).
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    The german word for Cat is Katze.
    Sometimes shortened to Katz'.
    And Felix is the name of a cat food here.
    So I woudln't usw it together.
    But I think the association isn't that big in other countries?

    Apart from that I don't like the sound of FeliX KatZ, like Mischa said!
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    I really, really love the name Felix! Honestly, I have no idea what Felix the Cat is anyway, but that's probably due to my age. Felix Katz does kind of sound a little clunky but otherwise, if you like it, I see no major problem with it.
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