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    Help with the final boy name count down!!!


    We don't know the gender, but have the girls names all sorted. We're stuck on the boys names, and we're hoping for some community feedback! Please help, my wife is due on Sunday....

    The final boys name countdown:
    1: Linden
    2: Avery
    3: Alder
    4: Oliver
    5: Wren
    6: Ellery
    7: Cedar

    Thanks for your input and we wish y'all a safe and health

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    You have a great list! From it, my top 3 would be:
    1. Linden
    2. Avery
    3. Oliver

    I think Ellery sounds a little feminine (so many popular names for girls begin with "El", it rhymes with celery!) and the only Wrens I've ever heard of have been girls. Perhaps Robin or Finch if you're looking for a more boyish bird-inspired boys' name? Or maybe Elliot if you're fond of the "El" sound?

    Other names you might like: Alden, Asher, Rowan, Everett

    Good luck deciding! You have some real gems here!

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    Some of these are used for girls, and despite the fact that I usually dislike boys names on girls, these are ones that I approve of on girls!
    Linden, Ellery and Wren...and Avery is okay for both, but since it is so popular for girls, I don't know about it on a boy now...
    I do love Ren for a boy. A lot. The Wren spelling seems more feminine in some way. Maybe since it is a bird... then again nature and word names don't have a specific gender. There is a male Wren on Pretty Little Liars.
    Wren is my favorite on your list. That's my pick!
    Good luck!

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    Of your list, I really like Oliver, Linden, and Alder. They come across as seasoned; hardy. Avery is also nice.
    As to the others: I honestly can't imagine Wren or Ellery on a boy, and Cedar doesn't seem like a name at all.
    Hope this helps!

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    Oliver is by far, my favourite.
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