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    I heart Dulcie. Seriously so sweet!

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    fiammetta Guest
    I love all of these names, though I do slightly prefer Beatrice and Ottilie over Dulcie....I honestly can't decide based on the first name, so I will take your surname into account - I love the sound of Ottilie Cuthbert.

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    I prefer Beatrice and Ottilie over Dulcie as well. Since both Beatrice and Ottilie are three syllables (or depending on how you are pronouncing Ottilie, 4) and your surname is a longer two syllable name, I would suggest a shorter middle. Maybe Kate for honoring your MIL, or Elise for yours? Ottilie Kate Cuthbert? Beatrice Elise Cuthbert? I also like Ottilie Wren Cuthbert and Beatrice Rose Cuthbert.
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    It's a tie between Beatrice and Ottilie for me--both are so excellent. Dulcie is just too saccharine (pun intended) and I can't see it aging well.
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    Beatrice is my favorite!
    Dulcie is pretty, sweet and cutesy. It is a nickname of Dulcinea. I would use the full name even though it is a bit frilly.

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