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    Need help naming our boy/girl twins. In need of any/all advice :-)

    Hi all! I am a first-time poster, but a long-time lurker. I currently have two boys and we have boy-girl twins on the way (see what happens when we tried for a third!). We had next to no trouble deciding on the names for the first two, but we are having a crazy time trying to pick names for our newest additions. A little about us, first. Our boys go by their middle names (my husband's family tradition). It doesn't matter as much whether we go by first or middle name for our daughter. Our two boys are Michael Chase and James Colton. With that said, I have two BIG areas where I need help.

    1) We are having trouble with names in general. So far, the most "popular" ones are:
    -Rhys, Hudson, or Hunter for the boy
    -Emerson/Emory (we would probably use Em or Emmy as a nn), Greyson/Gracyn (we would use Grey as a nn), or Wrenna/Wren

    I am certainly open to more suggestions, as we aren't set on any of these specifically.

    2) I would love to honor my mom and dad somehow with the middle name (or the first name, in the case of our son). Unfortunately, my parents' don't have the coolest of names (Jerry and Judie). Any suggestions on similar names or, I guess, names that at least start with J.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. Sorry if this post was rather non-specific. Unfortunately, we are feeling very non-specific at this time, which is starting to worry me!

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    Hudson Jude
    Emerson Geraldine
    Rhys Jerome
    Greyson Judith
    Hunter Judson
    Jeremine Wren

    ....just a few ideas. Maybe this will help or give you an idea.

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    Could you use your parents' middle names?

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    Jeremy or Jeremiah goes well as a first name for all you boys choices though Jeremy Hunter is my favorite. Jude would work as well and honor your mother.

    Jude Rhys
    Jeremiah Hudson
    Jeremy Hunter

    For the girls, I am using the names on your list as first names. Jeramie and Judith or Jude seem to work for the girls. Judith works for the more unisex names and defines them as "girl." I love the name Wren by the way. It is my pick for the girl's name.

    Emerson Judith
    Greyson Judith
    Wren Jeramie or Wren Judith or Wren Jude

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    First, I love your boys' options! Rhys is my favorite, though I think Hunter would also be a good fit. I love the suggestion of Jude, too, although it is a bit close to James (but if he goes by Colton, I guess that's less of an issue!)

    Boy suggestions: Callum, Corbin, Harper, Gerald, Max, Lucas

    For a girl with three brothers, I would steer clear of super unisex names like Emerson/Emory or it will sound like you have four boys. Wren is my favorite of your girls' options; it matches the sleek simplicity of Chase and Colton. I like the suggestion of Wren Judith.

    Girl suggestions: Adair, Aspen, Brenna, Emmeline, Emme, Everly, Fern, Ivy, Rain, Teagan, Willow

    Some J names: Jordan (either), Julian (m), Jael (f), Jennet (f), Jace (m), Jane (f), June (f), Jax (I think of it as male but it could go either way)
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