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    Spelling help for "Annika"!

    I really like the name Annika pronounced ahn-ih-kuh, not with "ann" at the beginning. I'm wondering what the best spelling is for this name? I've known someone named this since I was about five and she spells it as Annika, it never occurred to me it could get pronounced something else. I met someone recently with this name but she spells it Anika. I'd love to hear some opinions on spelling and also just your overall thoughts on the name, thanks!

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    I think I'd be more likely to pronounce it the way you want with the spelling Anika rather than Annika. But I think either way, most people will say ann-ih-kuh (at least where i live that's how people pronounce it). However, all it takes is for you to correct them, then problem solved.
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    I like Annika more, but Anika is the same with one n.
    Here in Germany I know 2 Anika's with one n and 3 with two n.
    You can usw the spelling you want, it's still the same name.
    Pick the spelling you like more!
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    Both Annika and Anika are accepted spellings. Neither would necessarily encourage the "ahn" pronunciation as that's just a common variation--awhn-uh vs. ann-uh. I do think it's more likely to be pronounced that way than some Ann names.

    I think it's a very pretty name. I know an Annika who's about 12. It's underused and lovely.
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    I know two Annikas that go to my school, one pronounces it ann-ih-ka, and the other ahn-ih-ka. Both spell it Annika and as far as I know, neither has had too many problems with pronunciation. I don't really care for Anika, it looks incomplete to me. Annika is a nice name, but for someone else's child
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