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    Helena and Penelope are my favorites.

    love Penelope Violet.

    If you are super worried about popularity, I would go with Helena.

    good luck with it all

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    While I like Helena if your husband prefers the others, I would choose one he loves as well.

    Victoria can be a Vicky or a Tori. I do think Penelope is becoming increasingly popular. My favorite on your list is Augusta. Augusta Marguerite is pretty. I also like:

    Augusta Eleanor
    Augusta Caroline
    Augusta Juliet
    Augusta Annette
    Augusta Jane
    Augusta Claire
    Augusta Anne
    Gwendolyn Mae... Meredith Jane. ... Josephine Claire...Catherine Esme... Evelyn Grace ** Arlo Grant ... Drew Thomas ... Eli James ... Owen Vincent... Jay Theodore

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    Penelope- NMS
    Augusta- too masculine
    Victoria- Like name, love Tori as NN
    Helena- love really beautiful

    Victoria Claire
    Victoria Margaret
    Victoria Eleanor
    Victoria Colette- FAV

    Helena Rose- FAV
    Helena Iris
    Helena Maeve
    Helena Blythe
    Helena Belle
    (one syllable MNs sound good with Helena)


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    Augusta sound very dusty even to me, a lover of vintage. Penelope is too trendy and clunky for my taste.
    Helena is absolutely stunning and has all the Troy beauty.
    Helena Olive
    Helena Pearl
    Helena Natalie
    Helena Sybil
    Helena Beatrix
    Helena Iris
    Helena Ruby
    Victoria is less vintage but still luscious. I am a little biased because it's my name but I find it so pretty and not boring despite its popularity.
    Victoria Adeline
    Victoria Alice
    Victoria Evelyn
    Victoria Georgine
    Victoria Hazel
    Victoria Juliet
    Victoria Noemi
    Victoria Opal
    Victoria Zephyrine
    I am sure I repeated some names but they are beautiful enough to be listed twice(or more). Good luck!

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    Oh my, such lovely choices!! I'm probably not much help. Augusta was our top choice for a long time. Now that we're expecting, it's being edged out due to nickname considerations and consistency with older sister, Bened1kte. But I still adore it. I also harbour a long held love for Helena. These are my my favourites. I do like Penelope but see it is as ever so slightly an "it" name for 2012/2013 amongst the discerning crowd...not a bad thing for everyone but I really like to avoid trends of any kind if possible. This is entirely personal. Victoria, while classic and beautiful, is a bit too common for me. Augusta for example is just more special to me and I really dislike Vicky, which I think is rather unavoidable unless you impose Tori, which is better but also not my style. You can't really go wrong, they are all wonderful options.

    So like many others, Augusta and Helena are my favourites and I love them with middles Caroline and Marguerite, but also Jane.

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