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    Honestly, all four names are gorgeous and you can't go wrong with any of them. To answer your questions, no, the Kardashian association doesn't make the name Penelope seem trashy. That family's fifteen minutes of fame should be just about over and anyway, the name Penelope has a lovely, long history behind it that far outweights the Kardahsian association. As for Victoria, again no, a Victoria doesn't automatically became a Vicky. Out of the handful of Victorias I've known, only one went by Vicky. Out of all the combos you listed, my favorite is definietly Penelope Violet, though I do like aj bear's suggestion of Helena Pearl.

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    I love Augusta and Helena! I'm not a fan of Penelope and Victoria is one of those names I want to like, I just don't for some reason. My favourite combinations per name are:

    Victoria Margaret

    Penelope Violet

    Augusta Marguerite

    Helena Margaret

    I also like Clara Marguerite, but I'm not a fan of Caroline Victoria.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Helena and Augusta are my favorites, too, but DH likes Penelope and Victoria better. I'll see what he thinks!

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    I love Helena!

    I strongly dislike Penelope (nothing to do with the Kardashians, I just think it sounds prissy and clunky all at once. Too many 'p' sounds, and just...ugh). Victoria is a bit laced-up, and prone to being shortened to 'Vicky', which is horrible. I quite like Augusta.

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    I would suggest Augusta Paige, Augusta Skye, or Augusta Brooke. Victoria is beautiful, and you could call her Tori instead of Vicky.
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