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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    I came off the pill at the end of September last year with the thought in my head that it would probably take 6 months at least to get pregnant, at which point i'd conceive at around about the same time i'd been in my job for 12 months. I never once tracked ovulation, or even thought much about it, though i probably would have once we'd hit that 6 month mark. It was great thinking that way because I wasn't expecting to get pregnant for those first few months so there was ZERO pressure & ZERO disappointment each month. I actually think that helped us get pregnant as quick as we did because I ended up conceiving in January (4th cycle) and i was so surprised!!! Accept straight away that it might take awhile and let things progress naturally without putting all that pressure on yourself or your body
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    @anniemarie- I have heard of that happening before, where couples try and try and nothing happens. Then they just stop trying and BOOM it happens. I have had two-3 normal cycles already since stopping BC and we only tried once but missed the window of opportunity I think. I try to keep the mind set of "okay we aren't trying!" But in my mind I know I secretly want it to happen really bad so I almost put pressure on myself. I have always been like that since a young girl. I get really obsessive and stress over things which I know probably isn't healthy for me or the situation. I am tracking my ovulation for this month which is next week so we are going to try a few days before its suppose to start which is this week and have sex everyday during ovulation to see if that works. I almost hate how the process is, I truly hate timing it out and worrying each month about not missing that window of opportunity. I envy those who it just happens with no planning or worrying.
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