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    Micah - meh.
    Torin - like this one a lot
    Alexander - great for middle name
    Elias - love but popular
    Elliot - love but popular
    Callum - like a lot. not sure how popular tho?
    Evan - ok but popular
    Ethan - love but very popular
    Amon - like this one a lot
    Callan - like this one a lot

    Torin Alexander is my favorite. Then Callan Michael or Callan Alexander.

    for girls I like:
    Eira (snow)

    I agree with the pp's combos!
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    Why don't you look at this list?

    It's the Sweet Spot names that fit in and stand out. I may help narrow things down a bit.

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    Callum is by far my favorite boys name so I am a bit partial but I think its a fantastic name! I also love Evan and Callan from your list. For your girlies Eira is a standout I love the meaning its a gorgeous name and perfectly nature-y! All your girl names are lovely but Marin and Cailin would be my second and third favorites.
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    Ooooh, I adore Eira and Aila! So gorgeous and so underused. All of your girl options are lovely. From your boys' list, I like Micah and Torin. Are you pronouncing Amon like Eamonn/Eamon? If so, I like that one best (although I still prefer the original E- spellings, I guess you might want the name to look less extremely Irish.)
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