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    Here are the names I like what kind of combinations would you make?

    Blythe, Beatrice, Cordelia, Carys, Calista, Cecelia, Celia, Cecily, Claudia, Daphne, Delilah, Eloise, Evangeline, Flora, Fiona, Felicity, Georgia, Genevieve, Ingrid, Iris, Juno, Jillian, Lorelei, Lucy, Lavinia, Margo, Margaret, Maisie, Maeve, Marguerite, Matilda, Norah, Olive, Penelope, Phoebe, Susannah

    I know there is a lot of names here lol so just pick a few you really like and pair them with a middle name. Our last name is Bennett. My sons have only one middle name and my daughter has two middle names. If we find a nice combination we would do two middle names again but it's not a must.

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