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    Firecracker Girls Names

    With the very real possibility that I could end up with a July 4th baby, I thought it would be interesting to get some ideas of 'firecracker' or July 4th inspired names. I would consider a middle name to pay homage to the fact that she is indeed an Independence Day baby. I would love to see what some of your favorite Independence Day inspired names are!

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    Gloria - as in Old Glory
    Besty - as in Betsy Ross
    Liberty - a guilty pleasure name but if used in fn slot it has nn of Libby
    Belle - as in the Liberty Bell

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    America, Glory, Liberty, Independence, Amber (waves of grain), Justice, Victoria, Freedom, any state name (I've heard of Virginia, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Dakota, Georgia, Carolina)

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    You've got some great suggestions already! How about.....

    Charlotte (means Free Man)
    Marina (US Marines)
    Catherine (Catherine Wheel firework)
    Apple (what's more American than Apple Pie?)
    Belle (the Liberty Belle?)
    Delphia (Philadelphia)
    Freida (like Freedom?)
    Any name meaning star like, Estelle/Estella, Astra, Esther, Roxana, Seren, Stella
    Francis (Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem)
    Deborah (Deborah Sampson was the 1st known woman to impersonate a man to join the revolutionary army)
    Mercy (Mercy Otis Warren, a patriot writer)
    Polly (Polly Cooper, an Oneida Indian woman who took part in an expedition to aid the Continental army at Valley Forge)
    Revere (Paul Revere)
    Molly (Mollt Pitcher, born Mary Ludwig, given that epithet because she fetched water to soldiers in battle; later Washington made her a non-commissioned officer)
    Lydia (Lydia Darragh Quaker woman who (probably) warned Washington of an impending attack)
    Sybil (Sybil Ludington – a sort of female Paul Revere who, at 16, rode 40 miles in a night storm to warn the militia that the British were burning Danbury, Connecticut)
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    Ditto that others said. If I were you, I'd go with either Gloria, Liberty or Arizona/Georgia/Virginia.

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