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    Phillip Leonardo
    Micah Matthew
    Myles Nicholas Chandler (Although I would have preferred Miles)
    Anna Jane
    Liliana Ruth

    And the awful….
    Ky'Meir Dominic
    Kylee Grace
    Sophia Rose (ugh, another one?!!? Seriously?!)
    Essence Alana
    Jensyn Elizabeth
    JaeLynn Monroe
    Emmersyn Lynne

    And Noami would be nice if it were Naomi. Or Noemie.

    And I don't freaking understand the y-instead-of-i obsession! Can anyone explain this to me?!
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    What is Paitlynn?! Is it just Peyton with -lynn on the end?

    Victoria Danielle is pretty, not my style at all but I like the flow.

    Jensyn on a girl? Really? Ugh.

    I adore: Nathaniel Lee, Micah Matthew (I'm a sucker for alliteration), Nicholas Francis, Liliana Ruth. Ruth is so cute as a middle name!!!, Will Henry.

    Others I haven't mentioned I'm either neutral or I am not particularly fond of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r_j View Post
    I can't figure out Noami. Is it Naomi misspelled? Or Noemi with an a? Poor Noami.
    Not to mention if you break it apart, in french it means no friend.

    But some of those are cringe worthy.
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