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    it is cool but Jack Reeder sounds like that movie from Tom Cruise
    oh yeah they go nuts with the unique spellings lol
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    I feel bad for Kylie Skye. Going through life with a very popular, very 'cutesy' name, while her sister gets the beautiful Evelyn. They just don't seem like names for siblings to me.
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    I like:

    -Gavin Joseph
    -Lilliana Ruth
    -Brandon Joel - interesting combo. I'm not usually a Brandon fan, but this works!

    -Lucas Samuel-Clinton
    -Natalie Effamy-Grace is also an interesting choice. Wonder where they got Effamy? That addition sure changes the entire name! More eye-catching than just another Natalie Grace.
    -Aubrey Lynn and Anna Jane are a bit plain for my tastes, but there is something pleasing about these two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larkub101 View Post
    Good grief some of these are truly awful. JaeLynn and Emmersyn, I'm looking at you!
    I agree with this.

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    We don't post names in the local birth announcements, just the parents, date and m/f in our news papers. Some of those certainly were outlandish. Some were nice though.
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