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    Help us find a middle name for Andre!

    Difficulty: can't begin with an "S" and can't end with an "N."

    We're having our first baby in a few months (it's a boy!) and we want to name him Andre, but we can't think of a middle name. We would prefer a middle name that both sounds good and has a nice meaning of some kind if possible.

    Please help, Berries!


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    Thanks, Emsky!

    My favorites are:

    Andre Evander
    Andre Bellamy
    Andre Everett

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    Andre is great! International, but familiar. I like it with a middle that also has just a little exotic flair. Here are some more suggestions:

    Andre Leander
    Andre Lionel
    Andre Pascoe
    Andre Griffin
    Andre Jules
    Andre Orlando
    Andre Balthazar
    Andre Bartholomew
    Andre Cornelius
    Andre Etienne
    Andre Emile
    Andre Ferdinand
    Andre Stefan
    Andre Jerome
    Andre Lawrence
    Andre Marcellus
    Andre Olivier
    Andre Percival
    Andre Peregrine
    Andre Isidore
    Andre Vincent
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    Thank you so much Noora! All those names sound really good with Andre.

    My husband and I absolutely love:

    Andre Ferdinand (we may spell it "Ferdynand" to make it Polish)
    Andre Vincent

    they're both on the official list now.

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