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    I am surprised by the reaction so far - I much prefer Archer! Archer Cole is a very handsome combination. I actually don't care for Roman. I like Graham (with either mn), but not as much as Archer. Wilson Cole would also be nice.

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    I also prefer Archer to Roman. They're both definitely on trend right now but Archer feels fresher to me.

    I would also echo the pp's suggestions of Hugo and Atticus. I also love Theodore and I think Vincent makes a very handsome middle name.

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    I much prefer Archer than Roman. Only because I love Archer Cole! I think the combo sounds stunning and handsome. So Archer has my vote!
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    I adore Archer! Yes, it has had that sudden burst of popularity we call "trendy," but some names so deserve it -- Archer is one. It seems to me fresh yet Victorian, outdoorsy yet gentlemanly -- you could use it in the American west or a British drawing room. And frankly, it sounds as though Roman is as trendy, to be honest.

    I like Archer Cole and hope you can get your husband on board.

    But not to be rude, but what is an OH? Old husband? Other husband? I have just never seen that one.

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