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    I prefer Bianca as -bella names are so popular right now.
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    Bianca is lovely!
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    Love Arabella! That would for sure get my vote. It feels very arabesque to me, for some reason, slightly exotic, but so romantic and sweet and girly. Frilly. I don't generally go for frilly, but I love it here. I think Arabella is delightful, and if Isabelle and Arianne weren't my top two choices, and I didn't so desperately want both a Bella and an Ari, I might opt for this instead. I really love it.

    Bianca's nice, it just feels sort of drab in comparison to me, and slightly dated. That being said, the only Bianca I've ever known was in my grade in elementary school, and I haven't met one since, so maybe that's why.
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    arabella is too frilly for me. they are both beautifully feminine, but i much prefer bianca. it is stunning, feminine, and feels fresh. lovely choice.

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    Arabella is simply fabulous. She is femininity personified. Arabella is a pretty girl with loads of confidence and charisma, thoroughly likeable and one to enjoy the limelight.

    Bianca is the poor cousin in comparison, her name is nice without being outstanding, it is a known name that the more conservative namers would be more able to relate to than the wonderful Arabella who is one who takes centre stage.

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