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    I prefer Bianca. Arabella is beautiful but there are soooooo many belle/bel/bella ending names on little girls right now, I feel like she'd get lost in the sea of belles.

    I know a little Bianca. I call her Bee
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I like both a lot Bianca is like the only name beginning with B that I like! I do prefer Arabella though, it's so pretty

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    Both names have their appeal..;D I agree with a previous poster that mentioned that it's great you've got your list down to two perhaps wait and see what you think about the names when you meet her.
    Congrats and best wishes!

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    Not a fan of Bianca, I love Arabelle - such a pretty sounding & looking name!

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    Arabella makes me yak. Way too feminine and stinks of money, lace, and a prissy attitude.

    Bianca, however, is sleek and elegant and can be worn my both feminine and tomboyish girls. It's very versatile. I like it.

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