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    Bianca. It's old classic.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Bianca by a mile for me. Sleek and classic where Arabella feels princessy and fluffy.
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    Arabella. Bianca also evokes a weird reaction in me.

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    Bianca by far. So feminine, sleek and classy, I also like the Shakespearean connection,
    I love vintage names but I can't stand Arabella. It's too overly frilly and sugarcoated for me and while Bianca will sound fresh among peers, Arabella may blend with other -ella names. And, finally, I don't like the "arab" beginning.

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    Bianca! It's got more range than Arabella-- I can't picture Arabella on anyone but a prissy, indoor-only type of girl. Bianca has a more fun, fiery vibe.
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