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    Help with a baby girl name!

    We have been putting off baby names for while now but with 8 weeks to go, I think it's time to figure this out. I am hoping you can help me. My husbands father passed away a few years back- his name was Jerome. Also my aunt passed away and her name was Joyce. Both families would like to see the baby have a "J" name in honor of them but I can't find a J name I really love. Our current favorite J name is Josie but my husband is also open to using a non-J name. What do you think of these, and do you have any suggestions? I want something not too common but still easy to spell/pronounce. After we figure this out then we can deal with middle names

    Josette, we would call her Josie
    Josephine/Josefine/Josefina, we would call her Josie
    Rowen (husband is a redhead and this means "little red head" so I thought it would be cute if the baby has red hair, though I think I prefer if for a boy- maybe we should save it for a future son?)
    Adelaide, would call her Addie
    Maisie- used to be my favorite but a good friend just used it so I think it's off the list

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