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    Mae ___(insert middle name)___

    We decided on using Mae as a first name for a future daughter and would like to add more names to pair with it as possible middle names. Here are names on our list so far:

    Mae Beatrice
    Mae Daphne
    Mae Eliza
    Mae Emmeline (pronounced leen, not line or lyn)
    Mae Felicity
    Mae Imogen
    Mae Josephine

    Other more daring middle names we have discussed include:

    Mae Azalea - Is it too much pairing Mae with a flower name?
    Mae Lavender
    Mae Persephone
    Mae Waverly
    Mae Winter - I love it but is it too seasonal/time of the year sounding?

    We tend to like literary and whimsical/nature names so any suggestions, especially whimsical/nature names, would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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