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    Middle Names for Iris or Hazel

    We've decided on Iris or Hazel, but we aren't sure about middle names for them. I've been thinking Tara, Carol, Cara, Caroline, Elizabeth or Grace, but I'm not sold on any of them.

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Any family names you would consider in the middle name slot?

    Hazel Irene?

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    As Iris and Hazel are quite short and snappy, I'd go with something similarly traditional and elegant, but longer, for a middle name.

    Iris Elizabeth
    Iris Eleanor
    Iris Adeline
    Iris Antonia

    Hazel Caroline
    Hazel Georgina
    Hazel Beatrice
    Hazel Josephine
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    Quote Originally Posted by theclocktowerofjoy View Post
    I really like Mara. Maybe Hazel Mara?

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