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    Girl Names for baby #5

    Hello Berrries! I'm currently expecting baby #5 and we have a couple boys names but no girls names at all. Joel won't even discuss girl names because he is so sure it is a boy (we find out next week if it is a boy or a girl)

    The older brothers are Everett Jay, Atticus Reid, Declan Samuel, and Milo Patrick. We would prefer no names that begin J and no names that begin E, A, D, or M.

    I like not entirely too common names, and we have no girls middle names whatsoever.

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Congratulations on you're fifth! For "J" girls names, here are a few selections:
    Jane -- An old name meaning "God's gracious gift" that is coming back into style. A very elegant option.
    Jacqueline -- A French name with spunk and energy.
    Jemima -- A sweet name meaning "dove". A name that has for years been smothered in pancake syrup but is no beginning to come into style again.

    Some others you may like that are none "J" names:
    Flora -- An old Latin name meaning "flowers" or "plant life"
    Cordelia -- A Celtic name meaning "heart or daughter of the sea".
    Naomi -- A Hebrew name meaning "my joy".
    Willow -- A type of tree that has a smooth sound to it.

    Hope this helps!!!!!

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