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    Explain Kason to me

    a friend just named her son Kason. our group of friends --who I consider to have good taste, their kids have good names-- seem totally accepting of this as a legitimate choice. Am I exceptionally judgemental for thinking it's totally made up and ridiculous?

    On a related note, another friend's baby girl has the middle "Gracyn" i.e. Grayson. Are these syn/son/cyn names legit and I just missed the memo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenna5128 View Post
    Am I exceptionally judgemental for thinking it's totally made up and ridiculous? Are these syn/son/cyn names legit and I just missed the memo?
    Not at all. You're right.

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    Nope. It's made up and ridiculous.

    Grayson (or, if you have to stretch it, Greyson, I guess) is ok in my mind, though. It seems like a legit surname-name, and has a nice sound for a boy (and only a boy).

    Kason, Kasen, Cason, Kayson and Gracyn and the like? Cringe-worthy. No offense to your friend, but I let out an audible sigh when I saw it. (But I had a friend name her daughter Kynley. So there's that.)
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    Agreed. I know of a family who has a Josiah and a Penelope, and I thought their style was completely exquisite... and then they named their third son Casen (Kasen?)--and I was like, What happened?! I was so sad. I couldn't understand how they went from Penelope to... Casen. I'm hoping it has some significance to them or something. At my old job the freezer door was made by Kason, Inc., or something, so I think of a freezer when I see it, not a person. Carson I can see the appeal of. Grayson, too. Even Mason. But Cason/Kason? I just don't get it.
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    I think it's that they take a name like Mason (or Aiden) and like the sound, but want to be "yewneahk" and still not too daring, so they just swap out the initial letters until they find something they think sounds good. It's funny how so many parents fell for types of names at the same time and all of a sudden we get a slew of similar names all at once.
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